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Pray for Scotland 2 – Same Sex Marriage

This is the second of our pray for Scotland videos – feel free to share and use them as you wish.

Who could have foreseen that SSM would be a key factor in the election for First Minister? After all it is not a policy that the Scottish Parliament is going to change. We look at what it is important and how Christians who are not running for First Minister of Scotland can answer the ‘Gotcha’ question of ‘why are you opposed to SSM? Isn’t that against equal rights’….and we continue to pray….(recorded in St Peters Presbyterian Church, North Sydney)….

Pray for Scotland 1 – Politicians


  1. Amen.

    What you say is very true.

    I’m still depressed after the hustings last night.

    I know it was an SNP event but all 3 candidates put their hope in Independence as the solution to our society’s ills. It has become an idol to many.

    Will you do a prayer session on abortion?

  2. David

    As part of God’s plan, the great falling away has to happen before the Lord returns.

    THE UK and Scotland have not been Christian countries for a very long time. The great falling away is happening and the principle of lawlessness is at work. Just needs the man of lawlessness to turn up

    So, let them get on with it – God has given them up. Isn’t praying against this effectively praying against God’s plan for the end of the age, and the return of the Lord?

  3. What David said about Peter Tachhill is very interesting indeed and the destruction of the family impacts all of society. I remember David Cameron saying he did not support same sex marriage in spite of being a conservative, he supported it BECAUSE he is a conservative which is nonsense. God created marriage and it is mirror of our relationship with him. It cannot be re defined

  4. Thanks! interesting, as always. I would not wish to be a member of a Church which did gay marriages, or even blessings. But do we need a sense of perspective, and thinking back, was the 1967 Abortion Act a graver attack on marriage and family? Also, the evangelical wing of Anglicanism is not without its own sin (see Soulinformation.org by Lee Furney). Another thought is the role of large or megachurches. A Canadian magazine ran an interesting article: ‘Appreciating small churches’ [Faith Today. 4 March]. Some ultraconservative churches, in isolated rural communities, can be very people affirming, so that everyone is made to feel welcome, whatever their background. Do larger urban churches sometimes get rather carried away with marriage and status, or appearance and success profile?

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