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Quantum 240 – The Del Amitri One

In this weeks Quantum we look at the world with the help of Del Amitri – we look at the Nigerian election; the Danes exchanging prayer for weapons; Rail tragedy in Greece; Rishi Sunak’s new Brexit deal; Betty Boothroyd; Faith, Politics and Humza Yousaf; Marriage and Calvin Robinson; Singaporean sues woman who refuses to date him; Misgendering in Canada; Roll to Christ…..

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Why is same-sex marriage an issue in the election of the new Scottish First Minister?

Pray for Scotland 2 – Same Sex Marriage





  1. Del Amitri a fine Scottish band. Thanks for highlighting them David.
    Here is a quirky story about them.
    The son of my first partner in my practice , James Scobbie, was a pal of the guys of the band. They were struggling to come up with a name for their band and James invented the words Del Amitri and it stuck. I had a patient who had a baby and christened him Del Amitri. James went on to become a professor of education.

  2. I see Calvin Robinson has joined the Free Church of England since the CoE wouldn’t ordain him due to his political beliefs. Out of curiosity are they in any way affiliated with the Free Church of Scotland?

  3. Here’s something you don’t see everyday, viz., a (nominally) Christian country’s President referencing God :

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