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Quantum 239 – The Outsiders

This week we look at Gaelic women;  Kate Forbes; Aaron Edwards; Putin and Pronouns; Biden in Ukraine; Budgies; John Williamson; Banning Statues; Does reading CS Lewis and Tolkien mean you are a Terrorist? Re-writing Roald Dahl; ZZ top; Pregnant Men; Jordan Peterson on Pornography and AI; the Zombies; John Macarthur; Gaelic Psalm 46.

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God only know what that is going to do.

♬ original sound – Dr Jordan B Peterson


      1. Cliff college is in Derbyshire. A village called Calver. I live nearby and used to climb on the cliffs above the village.

      2. Cliff College. Been there, for a day. It’s nowhere near Bristol, nor Wales. Sheffield is nearer the mark.

        Dahl, according to BBC radio 4 today (Friday) will continue to be published in its original, alongside the revision according to the publishers. Perhaps they’ve been taken aback at the strength of the pushback.

  1. Or maybe ask Humza Yousal if he agrees that men and women should be made to sit in separate areas in mosques.

  2. Address is Sheffield on it’s website. Where it also claims to be evangelical.

    Interesting that their tweet said, ‘Cliff College, with the Methodist Church in Britain, is committed to being a safe and hospitable place, where those with differing convictions are welcomed and challenged to live together as faithful disciples of Christ.’

    Clearly Aaron’s beliefs are not included in those differing convictions – go figure!

  3. I wanted to comment on the Roys/MacArthur story, I thought comments were done by e-mail? Want to be sure I’m at the right place

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