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Pray for Scotland 1 – Politicians

As Scotland enters one of the most crucial phases in its recent history we ask what the Lord has to say about it all? Scotland is the canary in the coal mine for the rest of the Western world…join us in prayer over these next few weeks….

Letter from Australia 117 – A Personal Political/Religious Story from 40 Years Ago with Lessons for Today


    1. I am minister Presbyterian Church in Brazil and read your blog. Congratulations my brother

  1. Thanks David for the song and for your prayers for the situation in Scotland. Last night Alistair Barton led nearly 100 people into focussed prayer (after rightly praising the Lord at the start of the zoom meeting). He intends to hold another on the eve that the SNP MSPs start voting.

    Thanks again and God bless you and yours. We look forward to the Lord moving greatly through this land!

    Steve and Davina Saunders (Glenrothes)

  2. The intellectual calibre and communication skills of Free Church ministers is striking. The intensity of prayer and worship is another positive. The warmth and friendliness of congregations has always seemed incomparable. The Free Church played a role in my journey to faith from atheism and I was later ordained in the Anglican Church. Lots of people crack caricature based jokes about Wee Frees ad nauseam but the media profile is very different from reality. Everyone I speak to, who has actually dipped into the Free Church, appears to say something similar. When you look at the drift to gay marriage, and to CoE evangelical abuse scandals (see soulinformation.org), wokery and fundamentalist contempt for people are on show. The Free Church has always struck me as a very tolerant environment, where people from different backgrounds are made welcome and allowed to express an opinion. It’s sad to see Scotland’s drift away from the Church, but hard to know what will change this. Maybe the collapse of the CoE and CoScot is good? It’s a challenging and hard time, but maybe some buildings and clergy are better out of the way!!! The Free Church does not maintain disused cathedrals or idolise organs. Perhaps that’s the right direction.

  3. How good to listen both to this version of Ps.130 (I’m just about to forward it to someone in ministry who is under massive pressures) and your godly wisdom. It’s been some time that I have tuned in to weeflea (due to intense fatigue) but as ever thank you for being steadfast and faithful.

  4. I’ve noted your tweets on last night’s hustings. My disappointment was that all three were supportive of buffer zones around abortion clinics. Even Kate. These add nothing as intimidation or threats are already crimes. Yet they remove freedom of speech and even thought.

    If abortion is a genocide of the unborn, as it is, we need to say that clearly and prophetically, not to become comfortable with it.

    All were also utopian about independence. Our hope isn’t in Indy. That won’t deal with our main problem.

      1. I am sure you are correct . With the probable exception of Kate Forbes, the SNP” High Heid Yins” fit the antique description ” parcel o’ rogues”.

        I read a speech by Nicola Sturgeon on SNP diversity and immigration policy and reached the baneful conclusion that she believes that there are too many Scots in Scotland.

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