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Quantum 238 – Sturgeon, Marley, Meloni, Revival and More…

This weeks Quantum includes – Sturgeon’s resignation, JK Rowling ban fails; Shooting Balloons;  Are Aliens Invading? The Woke Language Police;  Lilt, the totally tropical taste;  Did Bob Marley become a Christian? the first 100 days of Meloni;  Prevent fails to Prevent; He Gets Us adverts;  and The Asbury Revival

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  1. A 16-2-23 letter in an English paper, about Justin Welby, might apply to the SNP as well? See below:-

    ‘Send the ‘bish to the grocers’

    Archbishop Justin Welby badly needs a break from flickering candles, wafting incense, silky vestments, party hat mitres and jewelled orbs. Vexed controversies, on gender and marriage, are causing huge stress in the Church. Bo-Beep sticking Bishops have failed to reach any consensus.
    A sabbatical spell of work at a fruit and vegetable shop would be therapeutic for the Archbishop.
    Sorting carrot and onions packs, or packaging pairs of juicy melons, might be a welcome distraction.
    The Archbishop could also slot in a bit of evening bar work, serving up frothing XX lager at a quaint Cotswold bar called-’Ye Olde Matthew 19:4’-.
    And just before last orders, on busy Friday or Saturday nights, having entertained boozers with polite small talk about carrot and onion packs, or the price of melons, the Archbishop could digress onto sexuality and gender. Chats with Gloucestershire livestock farmers at-’Ye Olde Matthew 19:4’- might help the Archbishop to reframe Church of England policy.

  2. For many years I’ve felt that paying for advertising should be one of the Church’s ministries. We don’t have to pay $billions for worldwide or national campaigns but what we should be doing is buying space in local newspapers and media where we simply explain the gospel as clearly as possible. Punchy headings are essential, but after that, clear, scriptural messages are all that’s needed. ‘If God doesn’t exist, what or who does?’ followed by the simple scientific challenge that nothing exists without a designer can be followed by a Biblical explanation of the gospel. I’m interested to know what others think because when I suggested something like this to my church a number of years ago it was met with silence. Why?

    1. Local papers are in decline and struggling financially, so are often glad to have sensible comment in their letters pages from various viewpoints on a range of issues. Snappy and short evangelistic pieces, or letters concisely looking at a moral question, or a short piece of biblical wisdom, are often readily received by some editors. The Journal, Lancashire Evening Post and Blackpool Gazette, come to mind for the North. It may be good to focus apologetics letters on creation-conscience and Christ, or some similar structure in a very compact letter. Certain themes (Isaiah 53) or testimonies (Jacob De Shader and Mitsuo Fuchida) run well. A personal testimony, if sharp and short, can be slipped in at times. The John Ross story, and the massive growth of Presbyterianism in Korea, can be the sort of eye catching theme which may interest some editors. And of course the letters get printed and distributed for free!!! I once spent the guts of a summer day, as a young and enthusiastic convert, giving out 1100 or more tracts across a big city. It’s more efficient to let a local newspaper do the delivery. Every blessing if you can get a retired minister or elder interested!!!!

  3. “Abortion is a legal right in Scotland and we will protect that right.
    We will support any local authority who (sic) wishes to use their power to establish by-laws to create protest-free buffer zones outside clinics that provide abortion services.”
    SNP Manifesto, 2021
    Is the question not so much whether a Christian should be able to lead the SNP but whether a Christian should not only not want to lead the SNP but even be a member of the SNP?
    Remember, “we” will etc.
    Can a Christian in good conscience encourage people to vote for a party which advocates for abortion?

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