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The Spectator TV Interview on Kate Forbes with Kate Andrews

I did this interview last night with Kate Andrews – one of the best interviewers I have come across.  I thought it was going to be edited to ten minutes but this appears to be the full interview….lots covered in 15 min.

In Defence of the Free Church of Scotland – Article in the Spectator

The Kate Forbes Interview on BBC’s ‘The World Tonight

Kate Forbes: Would a Christian be permitted to lead Scotland? – CT


  1. David, you were on fire in that interview! Well done and praying for you and Kate Forbes. Spiritual warfare going on all around this matter.

  2. We are in much need of prayer to God at all times, but moreso now when severe attacks are evident on God’s word, and his servants.

  3. Congratulations, David that was an excellent interview. So glad you were able to cope so well with all the questions. You handled it masterfully.

  4. Brilliant David. The media and the weak politicians have a lot to answer for, the grass roots of our beloved country can see someone with common sense and the courage to speak the truth. We pray on….

  5. Is there any data, other than anectdotal, as to how much the growth of the Free Church of Scotland comes from people leaving other Churches? Another possibilty is growth via immigration. It would be interesting to know what proportion of the FCoS’s growth comes from neither of these sources.

  6. I’ll have to point out, again, that what St Augustine said, was about believing the Gospel, not believing the Bible. (He believed that the Bible is the word of God but the phrase being quoted referred to the Gospel.)

  7. I wish I could talk like that , Rev , but you said it for me . Thank you.

    I was with my secular thinking , Scottish Nationalist brother in the flesh today. We were walking our dogs. He said to me ” If it was up to me , Kate Forbes would be First Minister in Scotland, because I found her to be honest.” After years of discussion and argument , for the first time my brother and I found ourselves in complete agreement !

  8. David says that the media are obsessed by sex. Have a look at the Wikipedia article on the leadership election. It might have changed but when I looked at it they had a short section on Independence followed by a massive section on Gender Recognition Reform. And then no other issue. The issues the media cares about affect a tiny numbrer of people. It’s about time they started caring about the issues which affect the overwhelming majority of people.

  9. Excellent interview. I’m a Baptist and I follow the teachings of the bible. I’m backing Kate Forbes as she stands up for her Christian beliefs. Shame on them who are carrying out a witch hunt on her
    God will not be mocked!!!!

  10. Interesting, she is one of three to go forward by noon today, UK time. Jim Sillars spoke well of her selection on radio 4 WATO, though he didn’t reveal who he’d support as he wanted to know the candidates views on education, NHS, economy etc

  11. The 3rd late entry candidate, whose name escapes me, said she would not oppose Westminster’s opposition to Scotland’s GRA.

  12. Hi David
    I do share your frustrations with this relentless barrage.
    Scott Morrison, when running for election as PM, faced a few questions on his Christian faith answered generally then stopped futher enquiry by saying, “I am not running for Pope”. ie he was standing as a politician and would answer questions of that nature.

  13. Thank you David. Again it shows you are a prophet/spokesman for our time. May truth prevail and may God yet be gracious to the land once known as the “land of the bible” from where so much righteous beauty has come forth in the past that impacted the world.

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