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Quantum 234 – What’s Going Down?

This weeks Quantum – We look at the population fall in China;  the last King of Greece; a bombed Church in the Congo; the last Mafia boss arrested in Italy;  Davos, the WEF and conspiracy theorists; Nick Cave on Robotic Music; Canadian’s who killed a non mask wearer go free; Keir Starmer’s values; Penny Mordaunt tells Church to change its doctrines; Steve Baker comes out as a LGBT ally; Caroline Noakes on being born in the wrong body; Trans murderer stands for parliament; Konstantin Kisin at the Oxford Union; the Banishees of Insherin;  the Melbourne Open; and the 25oth anniversary of Amazing Grace.     With music from Buffalo Springfield, Greece, the Godfather, Nick Cave, Prelude and Jelle Boesveld.

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Steve Baker MP FRSA

Jan 11

As part of my #NewYearResolutions, I pledge to be an ally to the LGBT+ community. We must continue to support the LGBT+ community and continue to work to ensure that our society is one where LGBT+ people can live their lives free from hate.


  1. ‘Born in the wrong body’ is an odd theme for materialists, who do not believe in ensoulment, or a mind, at least in a deeper sense. A hard materialist might accept the reality of phenotype and genotype!

  2. Back to the future? A government minister telling the Church (of England) what to believe? Good heavens. Calls for a drum roll for Henry VIII, Thomas Cromwell, the Dukes of Somerset and Northumberland and Elizabeth, the first and only Queen Elizabeth of England. The Church of England is founded on governments deciding what they are to believe.
    As for the person who was in prison for 30 years for attempted murder, he seems a bit confused (and I’m not talking about his sex). According to the Southwark News he wants to take on Zac Goldsmith in the Richmond Park constituency. I have news for this person. Zac Goldsmith was defeated at the General Election of 2019 and the MP for Richmond Park is now a Liberal Democrat.

  3. Hi David I hope more people will speak out about the world economic forum, it’s scary , the world needs to wake to what these power hungry people are doing. They have a total disregard to human life , and our planet, their goal is to rule, have complete power, increasing their power and wealth. Other people have put articles out about it. Wake up world. Loved the Amazing Grace .

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