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Quantum 233 – The Silver Lining

This weeks Quantum 

We remember Jeff Beck, look at the LGBT census figures for the UK; The Met police enforcing ideology; the Transage community;  Fun Boy Three;  Mohammed the most popular UK name;  Cardinal George Pell; Tim Minchin;  Child Abuse in the US;  Dutch Transgender Study;  Biden’s Classified Documents; Leonard Cohen; Congressman swears on Superman comic; India and Coal; the World and Oil; Wind Shortage in the UK; Sinne Eeg; Hezekiah’s Royal Inscriptions; The Experience in Nigeria;  and some Christian Metal from Norway with Heidre….

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  1. Re Cardinal Pell, while I know nothing about his case specifically, I have reached the point where I mistrust the mainstream media so much that if they start to vilify some individual or organisation I assume it’s because that individual or organisation is doing or saying something that embarrasses or inconveniences someone in a position of cultural power.

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