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Quantum 235 – Promises, Promises…..

In this week’s Quantum we look at the extent of failed promises.   Jacinda Ardern; the decline of Japan; Is China spying on you?; Wagner v’s Mozart; Al Gore’s meltdown; Beyonce falls out with LGBT; does Biblical teaching lead to Trans suicides?; Dave Crosby – teach your children well; Malta and where Conversion Therapy laws are going; Scooby Doo goes Woke; Rejecting Biblical teaching on sex doesn’t lead to happiness; Alice Springs and Alcohol; Andy Murray and Darvel; Sister Lucille Randon and the promise of eternal life; Immortal, Invisible.

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  1. According to the article about Sister André on Wikipedia: On 19 April 2022, she became the world’s oldest verified living person after the death of Kane Tanaka. She felt this was a “sad honour”, saying: “I feel I would be better off in heaven, but the good Lord doesn’t want me yet.”

  2. Re Aborigines and Alcohol , it seems to be a truism that primitive societies like the aforementioned Aussies , the Eskimos and the Native Americans which never produced alcoholic beverages prior to being conquered by Whites , become hopelessly addicted to booze upon being introduced to it.

  3. We are as close to nuclear war as when Putin took control of Russia , no nearer. He was permitted to take Crimea and that was probably excused in the West due to historic Russian involvements in conflicts of the past . But what is certain , had he been allowed to freely overrun the Donbas. He would have made further excuse to take the whole of Ukraine. Estonia, Latvia and Finland would have followed. The West had to say , “Enough.”
    The madness of his actions and decisions may yet exceed Hitler . We can but pray for an end to this soon !

  4. It is truly alarming just how depraved and degenerate the West is becoming since Christianity has been largely abandoned. The idea that human beings are basically good and don’t need a consistent external moral framework to keep us on the right path is arguably the most dangerous idea mankind has ever conceived.

  5. does Biblical teaching lead to Trans suicides?

    Unfortunately, a good portion of Christians seems to confuse “Biblical teaching” with a notion of “being loving” that is so utterly unloving and uninformed that it’s laughable.

    It’s far too easy to say, “some people may genuinely be helped by transition, but the vast majority…”. Day-to-day, no one distinguishes between the “some people” and the “vast majority”. Let’s not pretend that there aren’t trans people who have spent years, perhaps decades, in therapy. Who have spent just as long in prayer. Who have begged for healing for day after day, or at least, a way to live with it. Who have tried to reconcile their self-understanding with their body rather than vice-versa. Who have done everything they and those around them could think of before they made the decision to transition…

    …and it was the decision to transition that actually genuinely helped. Of course, only for everyone else to know better and suggest they go to therapy for their mental illness because surely they are as deluded as an anorexic. Surely, trans people have no agency, no conception of biology, or epistemology, or ontology, or heck, metaphysics. Let’s also make it a point to fail to distinguish between ‘trans ideology’ and treatment pathways.

    So yeah, so-called “Biblical teaching” can lead to trans suicides, as those Christians who suffer with gender dysphoria kill themselves out of hopelessness because the Christians around them insist that they don’t do the thing that helps. What should they do instead? May the shrugging and “iunnos” commence.

    Maybe it helps some people is the handwaving that hurts us all. To hear what? Sympathy for our struggle? A desire to understand the despair? A willingness to be there for us, just no, not like that?

    Biblical teaching on the level we’re talking about is the equivalent of telling people with chronic depression to be happy, for Jesus lives. Affirming the belief doesn’t cure the depression. But what do I know, I only spent 20 years in therapy before my time ran out and transition was the only viable option.

    Yeah, I’m real thankful for the loving Christians around me, who either patronise me with, “no, we don’t mean the trans person like you” or insist they know better because they just can’t believe what I’m reporting about my experience. They aren’t being loving.

    A real hand-clapping bravo those people are. And yet time and time again, you write as if the “some people” that transition helps aren’t casualties of the Twitter wars you engage in. When is the last time you talked with a seriously engaged Christian who has struggled with dysphoria for so long that transitioning was the only thing that worked, but because of it, is received with suspicion and treated as an irredeemable sinner?

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