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Quantum 231 – That Was the Year that Was – 2022 in 10 Countries and 10 Songs

In this final Quantum of the year we look at ten of the main world events in ten countries – through ten songs from my top 20 Spotify songs for 2022…The UK (The Imagined Village) , Pakistan (ZZ Top) , The Netherlands (Pink Floyd, South Africa (Bach), the USA (Barry Macguire), Iran (Leonard Cohen),  Argentina (Runrig), Australia (Christy Moore), Ukraine (the Rolling Stones) and China (George Thorogood)…..and we finish with Bach’s St Matthews Passion.

All the songs are on my Spotify Top 20 play list for 2022 

All the stories have been covered in our podcasts over the past year.  Have a great New Year!

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  1. Agricultural exports from the Netherlands came to a whopping €100 billion in 2021. Between January and May 2022 the EU had a trade deficit of €163 billion. No way does it make any sense to close as many as 11,000 farms in the Netherlands.
    Incidentally, as well as 15-minute cities, another insane idea coming out of the World Economic Forum is the Smart City.

  2. Klaus, Gates, and there gang are where to look for the answers to the Netherlands and all other goings on in the world, that any rational person would question.

  3. A drastic reduction in the world’s population seems almost certain to be part of the global elites’ plans to “save the climate” aka increase their own power.

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