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Quantum 232 – The Year That Will Be? 2023 Predictions

This weeks Quantum 

We look at energy, transport, the WEF, AI and ChatGPT, the destruction of language and the rewriting of history; climate change, immigration, paedophilia, liberal authoritarianism,  the seekers,  the Church, and meditating with Isaiah….with the help of OMD, Gary Numan, the Beatles, Hank Nelson, the Specials, the Dali Lama, Peter Tatchell, Isabel Vaughan Spruce, the Who, and Maureen Macleod.

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The Isaiah 55 Meditations – 





  1. That’s a particularly cringeworthy attempt to create a “Look, it’s just as good” secular equivalent of a religious institution.

    1. The oath – taking upon a Superman comic nonsense was doubtless occasioned by the stupid politician’s viewing of this little gem :

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