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Quantum 230 – The Messiah – a Christmas Special

This week’s quantum 

As we approach Christmas we see the need for the Messiah.   With the help of Handal we look at Armenia, Scotland, New Zealand, England, the US, India, China and Israel….including war, womens rights, Transgender, free speech, University of BrightonStamford, the woke church, Roger Federer, a new government in Israel and Ronald Reagan!

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  1. Does the Australian Anglican Church deserve the highest credit, for miraculously directing a Calvinist Moderator to the great spiritual classics within wider European music? A super Advent broadcast. Thanks. Those metrical psalms in Gaelic, drifting through the Hebridean air, are good too!

      1. Not wishing to be a curmudgeon, but it would have been great if you’d been into spelling Handel’s name properly too. 😇🫣

        Hope you have a blessed Christmas!

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