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Quantum 224 – The Red Ripple – from Sweet Home Alabama to Every Grain of Sand

This weeks Quantum  we examine the US mid-terms, Sweet Home Alabama, Democrats supporting Trumpists; De Santis and Trump;  Ethiopian Peace Deal; Cop 27; the Flying Lizards;  China and Billionaires Emissions; Greta and Get Oil Out; Gene Cotton;  Striking Nurses; ABC and Grooming; Senator Alex Antic; Church of England and SSM; Calvin Robinson and Chris Bryant; RC Priest suspended for preaching Catholic doctrine; Master and Commander; The Rest is History; Ian Wright’s Teacher; Every Grain of Sand.

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  1. One wonders if the west at least has reached the level of Romans 1:28 and Rev 20:8-9 yet. Surely they are under a great and terrible delusion (2 Thess 2;10). I often ask myself how far this will go (any idea) and what we can do about it except lament? Today, I saw Anne Hathaway’s clip that “Abortion is a mercy”. I cant congratulate myself that I am not like them because if God hadnt opened my eyes I would have acted and spoken the same.

  2. Very, very, very sad about the comments made by the Bishop of Kerry regarding the excellent sermon of Fr Sheehy. The good news is that at the end of Mass the congregation gave Fr Sheehy a standing ovation. Instead of the shepherds pastoring to the sheep it sometimes seems like the sheep pastoring to the shepherd. Another heartening story from Ireland (the other story is heartening because of the courage of the priest and the response of the congregation) is of the elderly priest who bemoaned that so many young Irish priests are faithful to the teachings of the Church, although he didn’t quite put it in those words. One of his complaints about the young priests was that they want to talk about sin.

  3. The Irish incident may be a lot more complicated than what is being presented in some reports. It’s an act of clerical folly, perhaps, to lump abortion with transgenderism or gay sex. Adults expressing a different gender identity, from their genotype or phenotype , is hardly equivalent to the abortion mass killing. Likewise, voluntary sex between consenting adults, who are same-sex, is not similar to mass killing. The Church and clergy just love cheap pot shots at the gay community, yet rarely (if ever) oppose the abortion killing spree from the pulpit or in writing. Heterosexual sin costs around one life per second to abortion, yet the Church is fixated on perpetual conflict with members of the gay community. Let’s get real!!!

    1. All sin is sin. I don’t think his comments are ‘cheap shots at the gay community’ – any more than Paul’s comments were. It is possible to be both against abortion and SSM – just as this priest was. Thinking that if you keep silent about one, but talk on the other – you will be left alone is a fantasy. Maybe we all need to get real about sin – all sin!

      1. ‘You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.’ Sin comes in many forms, but we need to be rational, so that make a proportionate response on social evils. Is there much more evil, in just one stroke of the abortion needle, than all the gay sex acts in human history? Revelation 18:13 (in some translations) appears to infer how equating people to livestock or animals is one of the gravest sins. In my estimation, after careful reflection, that’s the horror of the abortion industry. Is there more moral evil in the work of one abortion clinic, than all the combined sin within every gay night club or bar?

      2. With one life per second lost to abortion my instinct would be to protest a lot more about abortion than gay sex. It’s lovely to defend biblical marriage, but even more fundamental to defend life.

      3. I don’t think we should quantify sin in that way – that’s not our job. We don’t need to set up one against the other – its both/and

      4. We read in Revelation how a great sin is treating other people as if they are animals, or merely possessions (i.e. slaves). This is surely the sin of the Merchants and the Mega-rich. We read , also, how people will be judged according to their deeds. The wisdom of Jesus or the Bible, as you rightly say, warns how all sin is sin, carrying lethal spiritual consequences. But the sin of abortion surely has to be among the gravest, because it represents mass murder and contempt for the weakest. Lambeth 1:10 sounds like fair analysis of biblical doctrine to me. But let’s get real, here! With heterosexual sex resulting in a global abortion rate of one per second (or greater) the Church needs to stop pathetically attacking gay people. If you were walking on a Sydney shopping precinct, and saw two sinners, one dropping litter or another beating up and robbing a pensioner, what would your first action be? The ability to discern between sins, on the basis of consequences or motives, is a God given gift:we should use it Why not just preach a message from the pulpit against abortion and see what happens? God loves the weak and hates to see them crushed and abused.

      5. Im not quite sure who you are talking to?! I have often preached against abortion. But of course the greater sins are pride, idolatry and unbelief. Abortion and adultery are just fruits of those.

    2. If sin was not quantified, at least in some form, society would collapse. The failure to engage biblically, rationally, reasonably , sensitively and sincerely, on sexual ethics, costs the modern Church in the West dearly: we reap what we sow. Mass murder by abortion rarely gets any mention from the pulpit, but consensual sex between gay or lesbian people is a target for incessant criticism. Maybe, just maybe, if Church leaders got real on abortion, we might see revival.

      1. We must mix in different circles…I have often heard abortion mentioned – and rarely hear about ‘consensual sex’ between gay or lesbian people. What kind of church do you go to?! Being real on abortion is not the key to revival. By the way don’t you think that the Bible condemns some consensual sex?

      2. CONSENSUAL, here, is actually the key word. The unborn have no representation, no choice and no immediate protector, so face the threat of poisonous drugs or the abortion needle. Gay people chose their path and face the consequences. They do have a choice. The unborn do not. No question draws us to human identity and ensoulment as quickly as abortion. It takes us right into the centre of the incarnation and Apostle’s Creed. We might see far greater spiritual progress, if we were to tread lightly on LGBTQ+ controversies, but defended the unborn with greater vigour.

  4. “That’s not democracy” -Scotland- SNP
    Thanks for Dylan – not heard it before. Still stuck in early Dylan and his foray with the Band. Don’t listen to it now.
    Wonder how Calvin Robinson went down with some of his fellow GB News presenters?

  5. Some really good clips well done am sending

    it round friends who have their heads in the sand. Have you seen the you tube video of the wee Irish boy , I’m a busy man, it’s so cute and still innocent. In this dark corrupt immoral world, where there is such a crying need truth it’s refreshing. Also the granny reading her grandson the Wonkey Donkey story. We need prayer. Thank you for keeping going.

  6. I like Sweet Home Alabama .

    LS always performed their Southern Fried Rock music with the Stars and Bars as a backdrop , the South’s much hated rebel flag being nothing more sinister than a stellar addition to a composite of crosses , viz., those of St. George and St. Andrew.

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