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Quantum 223 – Hypocrisy

In this week’s Quantum we look at hypocrisy throughout the world – and the solution!  With Hans Zimmer, Pascal, John Lennon, Brazilian Election, Israel, Denmark, the US Elections, Hilary Clinton, Pelosi, Led Zeppelin, Immigrants, Suella Braverman, Lord Frost on Abortion, Matt Hancock, South Korea, Sunwoojunga, Monty Python, Drax, Dutch Gas, the Simpsons, Sunak and Hinduism, Mormon Billions, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Si Knightly

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  1. Let’s consider renaming-’24 weeks’-the 6 month abortion limit! The infant at 3 months can be viewed on NHS website’s DATING SCAN: a great image to share widely…..

  2. I can’t figure out if these people are aware of their hypocrisy and simply don’t care, or if they genuinely believe it’s OK when they do it because they’re so certain that they’re right and that they’re good people.

  3. Unanswered questions:
    How did DePape get into the Pelosi house? The house of the third most important person in American politics is supposed to be protected by security guards.
    Who let the police into the Pelosis’ house? If Paul Pelosi and DePape were fighting over a hammer it can’t have been either of them.
    Why has the police Bodycam video of the incident when the police went into the house not been released?
    Why did Mr Pelosi come out of the bathroom once he had phoned the police? (If you were being attacked by an intruder into your house and you managed to get into the bathroom, would you come out before the police arrived?)
    On the subject of Hinduism, I’m a bit puzzled. If everything in your present life is predetermined by what you did in a previous life, how can you be any better in your present life than you were in a previous life? And if it is all pre-determined, then it must all go back to your first life: everything subsequent is, presumably, predetermined by what you did in that life. If every subsequent life is dependent on the previous life, it must all go back to that first life. So how you can get better and better in each subsequent life is a bit of a mystery. It’s rather like the doctrine, held by some Christians, of double predestination: God determines who is to be saved and who is not to be saved and there is nothing we can do to affect that outcome. Otherwise it’s a works religion.

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