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Quantum 220 – The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

My favourite weekly podcast

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A refreshing and very insightful podcast that looks at cultural and world events with. David is able to find fascinating stories from around the world that I would have otherwise not have found and provides thoughtful commentary that you will not find on mainstream media. Absolutely recommended.

This weeks Quantum  includes The Peatbog Faeries; Ukraine war; German Recession; Saudi and the US; Copper; Manchester – Christian Heavy Metal; Covid – Pfizer exposed; China and PPE;  Vaccines;  ‘We own the Science;  Turbines; Sticking to Picasso; Sir Tom Moore; Coal is Booming; Johnny Cash; Anglea Lansbury; Mermaids; Transgender from the Womb;  Graham Norton and John Cleese;  Emma; Dan Andrews ‘Kindness’;  Ricky Gervais;  Fight the Good Fight.

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  1. With all the turmoil occurring recently , it would not surprise me if Christians looked carefully out of the house door each morning to see which chapter of Revelation is happening before dashing back inside to clear their browser history.

    Regarding the furore over the Pfizer vaccine, please see the above article.
    I believe this campaign has very little to do with getting to the truth – Pfizer did not lie about the vaccine’s ability to prevent transmission of the virus – but more to do with an an attack on ‘Big Pharma’ and antipathy towards vaccine passports.
    Covid vaccines, like any other vaccines, reduce transmission of infection by giving those vaccinated the means to fight the infection. They therefore get better quicker than if they had not been vaccinated. As a result they are not infectious to others to the same degree or for the same length of time as they would have been had they not been vaccinated. Covid vaccines do work. You have only to look at the dramatic drop in cases and deaths after the vaccine rollout in the UK (for example) to realise their efficacy.
    Sadly, there are some, even in the medical profession, who spread misinformation about what is a straightforward issue for reasons best known to themselves.

    1. Thanks Ruth – You are a doctor and I trust my doctors – its why I got vaccinated. You know so much more than me!

      To be honest I am really struggling with this issue – to get some kind of balance and understanding. Your input is really helpful..

      But I have increasingly come across a significant number of doctors who are more sceptical… Why should I not listen to them as well..?

      I agree that the vaccines have worked – to some degree – but there are also significant questions. The Reuters fact check misses the whole point. We were lied to about them – maybe not by Pfizer – but certainly by the politicians and many in the media. We were assured that the vaccine would stop transmission (

      The vaccines don’t stop transmission, they hinder transmission. My understanding is that the vaccines have been great at hindering serious illness – which is why I have had three of them. But there is also a major problem in the assurances that were given about the safety of the vaccines. It’s why they think the evidence shows that you are more likely as a young person to get seriously ill from the vaccine, rather than getting seriously ill from covid 19 (although both risks are small). I have come across too many doctors and epidemiologists who are becoming increasingly sceptical about the benefit of the vaccines.

      In mid-September Denmark recommended against Covid shots for any healthy person under 50 years. A fortnight later, Norway recommended against the jabs for healthy people aged under 65.

      For example Dr Assem Malhotra, a UK cardiologist, and a strong advocate for the vaccines – appearing regularly on TV as an expert to promote them has just had a peer reviewed research paper published calling for the immediate suspension of vaccines. “Until all the raw data on the mRNA Covid ” ‘Until all the raw data on the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines have been independently analysed, any claims purporting that they confer a net benefit to humankind cannot be considered to be evidence based,’ ”
      Why are the Covid vaccines not being withdrawn, asks Dr Malhotra. He notes the swine flu vaccine developed in 1976 was withdrawn because of a 1 in 100,000 risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome and the rotavirus vaccine was withdrawn because of a 1 in 10,000 risk of bowel obstruction. He estimates the true prevalence of serious adverse events from Covid-19 mRNA vaccines is between 1 in 800 and 1 in 1,000.’

      Last Saturday, Florida’s surgeon general, Joseph Ladapo, released analysis showing that Covid-19 mRNA vaccines increased the risk of cardiac-related death by a staggering 84 per cent among men aged 18 to 39 within 28 days of injection.

      On 16 September, an international group of scientists and doctors, led by French scientist Alexandra Henrion-Caude and American doctor Sally Priester issued a declaration of an international medical crisis due to diseases and death related to Covid vaccination. They pointed to high excess mortality in countries with high vaccination rates, ‘the large number of sudden deaths in previously healthy young people’, ‘the high incidence of miscarriages and perinatal deaths’, and the ‘large number of adverse side effects, including hospitalisations, permanent disabilitie, and deaths’.

      And there is so much more. On balance I am still glad I have had the vaccine – but am much more sceptical about having it again…

      1. It seems to me that one of the biggest issues in this vaccination debate (and, indeed, others like it) is about communication of “the science”. Some people have a tendency to talk about ‘the science’ as though it was a person who is 100% reliable and whose pronouncements remain true forever. Others seem to see it as hocus pocus used by the ‘elites’ to get everyone else to do their bidding. Neither is accurate. I think we should also bear in mind when considering that some countries are now not giving the vaccine to low risk under 50s that the risks vs benefits balance changes if less virulent strains of the virus predominate so it isn’t only concern about possible side effects of the vaccine that tips the balance. The scientific method means continually collecting and analysing data to refine and update.

      2. Do you also trust the doctors who say men can get pregnant and mutilate children? Why do we assume doctors always have our best interest at heart. Those days went when we started allowing insurance to determine our medical treatment.

    2. You mean the number of cases reported. I call all those initial numbers bogus to begin with. I don’t trust doctors one little bit anymore. You knew mask didn’t do anything to stop transmission yet went along with it. You knew they were doubly useless outside yet went along with it. You knew ivermectin worked yet refused to admit it. There was no profit in ivermectin. It was and is all about control and the almighty dollar. I am a dental hygienist who saw patients as soon as we opened back up. They are 12 -18 inches from my face. They are maskless and with aerosols spraying up from their mouths all day I did not get covid. That’s another thing, telling people asymptomatic people were spreading this. Making people afraid of other HEALTHY people. You doctors who perpetuated this are all criminals in my book!

    1. I’m afraid I trust Forbes about as much as I trust CNN! However of course it should be challenged – and truth should out. These things should be decided by evidence not political ideology. Meanwhile there is a reason that Denmark has advised against the vaccines for under 50’s…!

  3. I find it interesting that you still feel that the vaccine reduces the affects of the virus. I have yet to see one study with a control group proving this claim. I have seen a study siting that people with multiple boosters are more likely to get “breakthrough” infections from covid.

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