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Quantum 221 – Injustice

In this weeks Quantum we look at how injustice wrecks chaos and havoc; and where real justice can come from.  WIth Led Zepplin; Abortion in the US, Stacey Adams; Infanticide in Canada; Noel Richards;  Jeremy Hunt; Eritrea and Tigray; Ukraine war; Yo Soy La Locura; Race Shifters; Nigerian Floods; Woman refused hospital treatment; Keir Starmer and ‘misgendering’ hate crimes; Virginian attack on parents; Australian Christian Lobby; Mum’s Drag Queen Speech; Tom Petty; Ricky Gervais on Gratitude; Matt Redman – 10,000 Reasons.

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  1. Anglicans for Life (AFL) use ultrasound very effectively (a clinical and scientific image, but gory-black and white!).

  2. The Western world, particularly the USA, now appears to be run by a cabal of sexual deviants, stone cold psychopaths and people with severe mental illness. I suppose it’s no surprise that they would, either deliberately or subconsciously, remake the Western world in their own image.

    It’s also no surprise that this is happening in nations which once held to (or at least tried to hold to) Christian principles. Claiming Christian values as humanist values while destroying all of the roots that supported them has left us in a state of probable irreversible decline.

    Lord Jesus, please return soon to save those who will still hear you.

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