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Quantum 218 – Has Fascism Returned to Italy?

This weeks Quantum – Has fascism returned to Italy?   We look at the reaction to the election of Giorgia Meloni;  plus women rioting in Iran; the UK budget blues; Primark safe spaces; the Sussex police; can we fly to Fiji?  Jacinda Ardhern and Free Speech; Averting Armageddon; Chess Scandal; Jerry Allison; Hilary Mantel; Brother Andrew; Coolio and How Great is our God…..

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  1. No . The Leftist Media have labelled this lady a Fascist as an act of deflection.

    Her invoking of God , Family and Country , formerly a politician’s group sine qua non in pre War Europe and the USA , is regarded by Marxists as the worst trifecta imaginable .

    We should remember that Stalin , Castro , Chavez et al did not come to power by promising Tyranny , they came to power by promising Equality.

  2. The reality is that the Meloni vote is not a rush to Right Wing Extremism but rather a perfectly understandable Italian dissatisfaction with the EU Liberal status quo.

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