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Songs for Sunday 34 – See What a Morning

This week we sing See What a Morning – one of the great Easter hymns – from Getty and Townend….

Also on YouTube

Songs for Sunday 33 – Wake up my Soul – (Ps 103)

If you are missing the Coffee and Revelation you can get them on the ASK website here 



  1.  Thank you for the songs/hymns from St Peter’s. The words of another hymn came to mind as I heard the deeply meaningful ‘See, What a Morning’:

    ‘O Death, we defy thee!
    A stronger than thou
    Hath entered they palace;
    We fear thee not now!’
    It’s first verse, goes:
    ‘Our Lord Christ hath risen!
    The tempter is foiled;
    His legions are scattered.’

    written by William C. Plunket, 1828-97 (in Revised Church Hymnary, RCH 125)

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