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Quantum 210 – Games and Wars, Heresy and Hope

In this week’s Quantum we look at the Commonwealth Games, England’s women winning the European championships, Uwe Zeller, Pelosi in Taiwan, Ukraine grain; energy in the UK, Germany and Australia; Ayman al-Zawahiri; David Trimble; Ron Sider; Tavistock; Nuclear War; the Lambeth Conference; with music from Ukraine, the Beatles, Elvis, the Stones, Christian black metal from Crimson Moonlight and the new song from City Alight…

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  1. Its been my experience that when anyone mentions Bangor, most people automatically think of Bangor Wales. I live in Bangor and I’ve in the past asked Google for train times from Bangor to Belfast only to be told it will take a ferry trip and around a days travel because it assumes I’m in Wales lol. When you mentioned David Trimble going to Bangor some may have made this assumption. 😅

    I always enjoyed City Alight, but the song of theirs you played today was new to me.

    Here’s a lady I listen to. You may have heard her. This song she sings could have been written based on my pre Christian life because I was that wretch. Enjoy.

  2. I should have mentioned ‘most people outside northern Ireland. I do wish there was an edit facility. 🙂

  3. Thanks David for your comments on Ron Sider. For me also, reading his _Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger_ was a life-changing ‘event’. There are, of course, a number of tributes to him on the Internet. The one in the Christian Century (which I accessed through another blog since the article itself is behind a pay wall) ended with a statement from his last conversation with Tony Campolo:
    “If Christ is not risen from the dead, nothing else matters. If Christ is risen from the dead, nothing else matters.”
    Sider said to Campolo “write it down”. Good advice! Write, learn and inwardly digest!

  4. David.., get all of your points.., and all good.., except I also do believe in something called ‘the greater good..’ in terms of ‘taking out’ another life…

    As an example Vlad Putin or Bashar Al-Assad of Syria.., being taken out would be much much better for everyone in the Geo-Political sphere…

    I have completely no problem whatsoever in taking out so called ‘bad guys’ for the ‘greater good’…

    I served in 21 SAS TA Reserve Scotland .., and totally understand the ‘Greater Good’ .., and as an example I completetely agree with my friend in Sayerat Matkal (IDF Special Forces..) taking out Iranian nuclear scientists (mag mini bomb, drivers side, takes out only the scientist) for stalling the Iranians making weapons grade uranium and plutonium and having Israel as their objective nominated target…

    Death never good.., however when it acts as a deterrent to the bad guys , and holds back badness then we cannot hold back..esp when Israel involved..!

    These few words are only the tip of a much much bigger iceberg….

    BTW I am a professing ‘Follower of Jesus (Yeshua)’ and as such happy to discuss morals, ethics, and the greater good..’

    1. Israel’s former PM , Benjamin Netanyahu , in a supposedly private comment , remarked , ” I cannot stand Christian Zionists but they are useful idiots and we currently need them.”

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