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Coffee and Revelation 46 – Humanity’s Problem, God’s Solution

Revelation 9:20-21 – If God sent judgements you would think that humanity would repent? What is wrong with us? What can change our stoney hearts?

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  1. Thank you so much for this. Health realities mean that in the overall scheme of things I can ‘only’ pray. Yet this is the hinge on which doors open. When in missions training I used to say to my students – Trust the Holy Spirit! This doesn’t dismiss methods / initiatives but it puts them in an appropriate second order. May the Lord bless your commitment to these two fellowships.

  2. Bang on we cannie save a bean. Just keep telling and living it out as well. Repent stop sinning with the help of the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord for the Holy Spirit who initiates the process through conviction iof our sins. (John 16: 8)..

    Hear it…..Live it …..Tell it….

  3. Well – hasn’t it always been thus?

    Yes indeed it is only the love, power and sound mind of the Sprit that can work in people’s lives in order to bring about change. It’s 100% the work of the Sprit that takes a 100% commitment of work to.

    And glad to hear about your excitement with the work. One good thing is that God often doesn’t choose to do the good work on his own, but involves people in it as well! And along with that there being a share of both the glory of Christ and in his sufferings.

  4. I will be praying for the Holy Spirit to come in response to yours and these two fellowships prayers. Than you for your on going commitment to speak the truth.

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