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Quantum 209 – Nudge Theory

This weeks Quantum looks at nudge theory which is one of the most important tools that governments use to try and control.  This week we examine it with the help of Susan Michie; Radiohead; the WHO; Monkeypox; Climate Change; Measuring Temperatures; JJ Cale; Glen Frey; Inflated LGBT numbers; Albo and ScoMo; The Manly Seven; Yolanda Adams; the Lord’s Prayer in the Australian Parliament; Chestfeeding, Stonewall and Trimble; Mark Knopfler;  Cannibalism; Ricky Gervais and Weak Atheist Arguments; Happiness; The Edwin Hawkins Singers.

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  1. Are atheists really still coming out with that old chestnut of “I only worship one less God than you”? That’s like a bachelor saying to a married man “I’m only married to one less woman than you”. A man with one wife is no closer to being a bachelor than a man with a hundred wives would be.

    The other reason it makes no sense is that polytheistic cultures have a thousands gods for a thousand different functions or aspects of life. Christians have one God for everything.

    Gervais’ second “argument” was a new one for me but also made no sense. If Christianity is true then it was never something man “discovered”, it was revealed by God, and there’s nothing stopping God revealing it a second time if the atheists managed to burn every copy of the Bible in existence.

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