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Quantum 208 – London’s Burning – Prince Harry, the Saviour of America

This weeks Quantum   

We  look at the heatwave in the UK; Prince Harry’s speech at the UN; Russia, Turkey and Iran ally; ‘Respect of Marriage’ Act in the US; Bernie Sanders and Steve Bannon expose corrupt corporatism;  A Law Professor attacks law, reason and biology; Webster’s dictionary changes meaning of ‘female’; Drag Queen abuse; Victoria gambles; Japanese cults; Bono on ‘faith’; and In Christ Alone.With help from the Clash, the Iranian national anthem, the Proclaimers, the Kinks, the Moonies  and Alison Krauss with the Gettys.

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  1. Harry could start a new political party called ‘Virtue’. Might “virtue signalling, while doing virtually nothing” be the core policy?

  2. As much as I love your podcast – I find your approach to climate change very frustrating and your reference to 1976 v 2022 in this episode was the last straw. Please check this article out While many of the point you make about big corps making money and media hysteria are true the fact of the matter is that, as you repeated say climate change is real. As I listen to you I am unfortunately reminded of Donald Trump ( Avoid making the same mistake and confuse weather and climate.

    However, I’m not primarily commenting to say I’m right and you’re wrong, my main comment is more fundamental. Your podcast purports to offer a christian worldview on world affairs. So, wouldn’t it be better to ask what is the Christian worldview of climate change, rather than repeatedly bemoaning the obvious consequences of sinful humanity penetrating all areas of life? If I am a non-Christian and I tune in curious to know was is the Christian worldview on climate change, do you think that it really reflected in your presentation? As a listener who is not a climate groupie, but who does knows something about evidence based analysis you sound more like someone looking at world news to substantiate you own opinions rather than see seeking to humbly share a biblical response to a global crisis that is affecting millions or people everyday.

    We agree climate change is real. I think we also agree that it impacts disproportionately on the poor. I would love it if I could hear for once what is your considered christian worldview on this issue, why the biblical response sets us apart from the reaction of others (including Republicans and Daily Mail journalists) and how through this we bring glory to God – which is what we all strive for.

    1. Thanks…but sorry to have frustrated you. I’m afraid though that you have fallen into the modern trap of only allowing two extremes – either you accept that the apocalypse is here just now, or you are a climate denialist. The article you cite misses the point – the 2 day heat was extreme, but it cannot be compared with the six weeks plus we had of drought etc. Please don’t accuse me of being like Donald Trump – just insulting people is not helping! As for confusing weather and climate I suggest you read this –

      I note your complaint about my lack of humility – a charge which is of course impossible to answer without showing a lack of humility!

      I have stated many times what the Christian view is – but will do so again this coming week if I remember. In case you missed it – here is the special I did on the subject….

      The bottom line is that we don’t know what is primarily causing climate change – we should have the humility to realise that we cannot control the climate or the weather – we accept that God in his providence is in charge of it all – we believe that the earth will not be destroyed by the fire caused by humans – but rather the judgement of God – and then renewal. We also believe that the whole creation is groaning because of sin. As a Christian I also despise the hyporcisy and hubris of the wealthy who are using climate change to further enhance their own wealth and position – at the expense of the poor….

  3. I think one of the issues with climate change/ covid/ natural disasters etc is the idea that we, as humans, mistakenly believe we can control it all. Moreover, in trying to control it, we can unleash unexpected consequences, like, poverty and hunger in our attempts to go green (as was the case in Sri Lanka). I also worry about the lack of hope young feel when everything is regarded as cataclysmic etc. My son stopped studying Geography because he was getting depressed by the constant going on about environmental disaster. I was taught about how glaciers and volcanoes shaped the world and found it fascinating! I think this is so sad. I loved looking at my surroundings ( I spent holidays in the Scottish Highlands) and being in wonder at the effects of glaciers on the landscape. God is in control over His creation and we are not and that is what gives us hope and a future.

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