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Quantum 207 – The Great Reset

This weeks Quantum looks at the Great Reset – Conspiracy Theory or Reality? 

We use the best dystopian rock songs to examine whats going on in the world – Barry Maguire, the Rolling Stones, the Doors, the Who, the Cranberries, and Bob Dylan.  Including Prince Charles, Klaus Schwab; Mark Rutte; Climate Change;  Germans Greens Support Coal;  The Tory Leadership election; The Sermon that brought down a Prime Minister;  World Population; Sri Lanka; the Uber Files; Japan Abe Assassination; the Telford Inquiry; School Sex Lessons in Washington; The Church of England and Women; the Homophobic Telescope; Matthew Parris; Christ’s Great Reset; and Celtic Worship.

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  1. Thanks for quantum this week. A great ending. So true that the great reset will not be from people who make a mess, but from our Lord who makes all things new and perfect.

    1. Transgenderism is very much part of The Great Reset so Christians may hope that the “Transgendered” will be “regendered” in Hell.

      This is an asinine perversion of the Christian hope of the Bible.

      There are those within our churches who are ‘transgendered’ who don’t subscribe to a ‘transgenderism’ as if it were some shared metaphysic, philosophy or 4th-century theological heresy. Maybe, there are those ‘transgendered’ people within the church who, as the ‘pellucid prose’ goes, view their circumstance similarly to how the circumstance was viewed in 2003?

      Those people, myself very much included, need Jesus as everyone needs Jesus — like those Christians who think that we could use a bit of ‘[regendering] in Hell’. Perhaps there is something to be said for ‘regendering’ in Heaven? Something to be said of the work of Christ in the life of the person who finds themselves struggling with gender dysphoria within a church that would rather see them in Hell?

  2. The report into the abuse in Telford is shocking on many levels but one line from the report that I find particularly shocking is the one about how victims were “dismissed as child prostitutes”. Sex with a minor is a crime and paying for it is most certainly not a mitigating factor! Surely if a child is thought to be engaging in prostitution that means the child is a victim of crime and it should prompt the opposite of dismissal, swift action to identify and bring to justice all those involved and to protect the child. Not only is that the legally right thing to do at that moment in time but is surely the best opportunity the authorities will have to enable that child to avoid becoming an adult prostitute.

    Another, related, issue here I think is that the sexual revolution has done these girls absolutely no favours. It’s considered normal and healthy rather than a cause for concern for teenagers to be sexually active, pretty much as soon as they are post puberty. If that’s your starting point then it’s harder to call out abuse – if you think sex with a 14 or 15 year old can be non-abusive then you have to start discriminating between sexual partners who are abusive and non-abusive and it’s all too easy to start worrying that you will appear to be discriminatory rather than discriminating.

  3. David – Haven’t missed an episode in years but have never commented before. As somber a Quantum as I think I have ever heard here. Just wanted to thank you for clarity and levity in these trying times. I appreciate what you do. I am a proud supporter and encourage others who feel uplifted by your commentary to do the same.

    P.S. Your recommendation of Dire Straits Sultan’s of Swing live a few weeks ago was incredible.

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