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Quantum 206 – Luxury Beliefs

This weeks Quantum is a bit longer than usual – we look at the whole concept of ‘luxury ideas’ – ideas that only the wealthy and powerful can afford.   Including Dutch farmers and the green ideology; the Sydney floods;; Negative gearing; destroying Scrabble; Woke Scouts; Guardian Fascists; Abortion extremism; What is America? Pride Police;  Teenage Birds; Jordan Peterson on Pride; Queensland gender reforms; Maya Forstater; I don’t care if you are a Christian; Sam Brinton; Wesley’s chapel; Lana Murphy and here abort Christ poster; Casting Crowns.

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Is Pride a Sin..? #jordanpeterson #pride #sin #pridemonth

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  1. I couldn’t agree with more David, the world is full of idiots, sadly very rich ones who are screwing us, we the ordinary people are still a majority we need to stand up and say NO enough is enough. And more importantly pray for God’s mercy and help to rid the world of these people

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