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Coffee and Revelation 22 – The Rainbow Throne

Revelation 4:1-6 – Gods people were battered and bruised. It looked as though they were losing big time. The emperor Domitian was on the throne and proclaimed himself Lord and God. John shows who is really on the throne – and whose the rainbow really is…

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  1. An excellent series unfolding, David. I am so pleased that you took time to comment on how the rainbow, the symbol of God’s mercy and promise, has been outrageously hijacked and perverted to become a symbol of all of that which is abhorrent to Him. Satan’s usual tactic of course – ever intent on corrupting God’s word and anything else that represents His holiness; and which all started in the garden with “Did God really say……….?”

    Keep up the good fight….. ‘for wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction’. The rainbow flags have been cynically draped over that wide gate to entice and welcome the self-absorbed.

  2. Rainbows – once when I was serving in S.E. Asia I was in a small aircraft at the tail end of a rain storm and we flew through a rainbow. The sight was amazing, it was glorious; seen from above the cloud rainbows appear as a complete circle. The shadow of the aeroplane a dot in the middle. Do check this out if it helps as an illustration. It was in my mind’s eye as you were speaking.

  3. Thanks for the reminder of the rainbow being a symbol of God’s love. Nothing to be fed up about that hey? And a Roman emperor wanting to be referred to as lord and God with there being a non-deference to that just as Daniel refused to take part in pagan worship.

    That’s interesting with what you say about us being at the centre of the universe which of course is what we all are naturally inclined to . So therefore this not being an LGBT+ “pride” issue at core but a human pride issue i.e. pride before a fall.

    We only need to look at history to see where this can lead to with wars. Humans like to kill other humans naturally. And it can be done in the name of many things, religion, protection of national interest, even in the name of freedom itself.

    So left to our own devices, that’s the outcome.

    Human rights are useful. They hold it to be self-evident that all are born equal and with dignity and should relate accordingly. But won’t be able to say why we should. Us all being created in the image of God offers a reason for why.

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