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Coffee and Revelation 21 – Laodicea – the Church that Made Jesus Sick


Revelation 3:14-22 – Jesus gives an extraordinary verdict on a church that is wealthy, healthy and doing well. It contains some strong images – that challenge and inspire….


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The Healthy Church that Makes Jesus Sick

Coffee and Revelation 20 – Philadelphia and the Open Door


  1. “Not very Christ-like”, it’s a relief to be called that and a badge of honour in the light of what you say David.

    Yes of course he rebukes and disciplines. If he didn’t then we wouldn’t be children of God. Did your parents discipline you to eat your vegetables? Did they rebuke you when you came in late when tomorrow is a school day? Yes all discipline is painful but unlike parents disciplining as they see fit God always does so for good and for those who endure it there is a harvest of righteousness.

    But some people might not “feel comfortable” with such “offensive” comments, hey?

    To those reading this who would be that way inclined I would say, with love, suck it up buttercup haha.

    1. Absolutely, we chastisef our children because we love them. The lord does the same to we who profess faith. He loves us, I often wonder why? But like the disciples I can say; I love him because he first loved me. Who else can we turn to, Jesus has the words of Eternal life. Hallelujah what a Saviour.

  2. If a “lukewarm” Church made Jesus sick , whatever would He think of today’s world in which homosexuals lecture us on morals , transvestites lecture us on human biology , baby – killers lecture us on human rights and Marxists lecture us on economics ?

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