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Coffee and Revelation 23 – The Four Living Creatures and the Holy God

Revelation 4:7-8 – Who really rules? Is God really on the throne? And who are the creatures? IN this episode we look at God’s sovereignty and the problem of evil.

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  1. Out of interest what is your take on Isaiah 45:7 as regards evil/calamity?
    By the way we ( my husband and I) are “enjoying” this series as we did the series on Job 😎 thank you so much for your time and effort to bring this to us.

  2. “It appears at times that evil reigns”.

    Isn’t that the truth. Faith isn’t for wimps.

  3. Just wondering how predestination figures into this? It is helpful to me from this episode that God reigns supremely and that human choice doesn’t affect God. But also that we’re not robots and have free-will. As you said, I think in the episode previously, we are not the centre of the world. But I still think we choose or don’t choose God. I was in a church where it felt like that humans had no free will because ultimately we were chosen. It was a kind of legalistic view of grace and a continuation of the Israelites being God’s chosen people? We couldn’t possibly ‘choose’ God because that would be a work and it is by grace that you are saved. For example, John 3:16 doesn’t say ‘whoever is chosen and believes in Him will be saved’ but it felt like there was an addition of this phrase. Sorry, very heavy for Monday morning but it seems to be a big point of difference in some churches. I really enjoy the church and then we get to this and I really stumble to understand.

    1. I would suggest that you discuss it with the pastor….it would be a very wrong church if it did not encourage us to believe! Free will is predestined!

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