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Coffee and Revelation 18 – Thyatira – Jezebel’s Church

Rev 2:18-29 – Thyatira was a city of craftsmen and merchants – including Lydia. Christ’s sees the good deeds of the Church and yet is upset with the church for tolerating the teaching of ‘Jezebel’ a false teacher within the Church.

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  1. Having listened to a recent Unbelievable podcast on education it’s clear Chalke is as strident as ever. His opening salvo largely irrelevant to the topic was essentially a rant about conservative evangelical Christianity. He managed in the course of the episode to cover most of the old chestnuts. His apostasy is all the more dangerous because of his need to affirm his own position. The woman he was debating with was not a Christian and at points I’m sure wondered where he was coming from though I did find some of her counter points quite telling.

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