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Coffee and Revelation 16 – Smyrna – The Rich Suffering Church

The Martydom of Polycarp

Revelation 2:8-11 – This is the shortest letter from Christ. Smyrna was a rich city but the Christians were poor – because they were Christians. And they were persecuted. Yet Christ calls them rich….why? We look at martyrdoms in Smyrna in the early Church and today…

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The Victorious Persecuted Church

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Coffee and Revelation 15 – Ephesus – Losing your First Love


  1. So the Free Church are adding bells (or was it a mobile pinging) to sermons or talks……..incense and candles next. Great and inspiring talk! The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy……

  2. I try to keep in touch with the youngsters from church leaving for university. Talking to one it was clear that he just didn’t ‘get’ Satan. He wasn’t being awkward it was a gap in his Christian walk. I’ve given him a copy of Mike McKinley’s “Did the Devil make me do it?” and look forward to get his feed back (I’d value prayer on that one folks).
    I know that in my missionary service it took a long time for the penny to drop about the realities of Satan’s power. Let’s make sure that, given what opportunities we have, we present this fact clearly and firmly. So a special Thank You for today’s word.

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