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Coffee and Revelation 15 – Ephesus – Losing your First Love

Ch2:1-7 – Jesus gives his assessment of the Church in Ephesus. It is something that many of us can identify with….Have we lost our first love?

The theatre at Ephesus – where Paul appeared..

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  1. Thanks again, I appreciate your thoughts. I’ve been following the Lord since 1984. I wasn’t brought up as a Christian, my background was completely disfunctional. I won’t go into all the details except to say as a laddie of 6/7 years of age the seed of theLord Jesus’ name was planted in my heart. But because of my upbringing I never really progressed. Again I won’t go into all the details. But suffice to say that eventually after living a life of ups and downs swings and roundabouts which I lived by the spirit of the age (sixties, seventies and eighties) I began to come under conviction of sin after my new wife gave birth to our first son…..This was in 1983. This didn’t happen in a place of worship, but in the bedroom of my wee two bedroomed council home ..I started to attend the local Baptist church on New years day, 1st of January 1984. Each Sunday I was irresistibly drawn more and more to listening to the bible being preached faithfully and consequently came to saving faith in the Lord Jesus….(Romans 10 verse 17)
    To come to my point for what it’s worth, a lot iof modern evangelism is based on a poor foundation, ie. “Just ask Jesus into your heart and your in” sadly without a genuine conviction of sin. Which is a work of the Holy Spirit (John chapter 16 verse 8)…NAE SHAME NAE GAIN…Nowadays we have a whole lot of people convinced that just by going to church they are ok. Apart from the fact that many folks are sitting under poor teaching and receiving stones for bread. Surely the onus on the rank and file believer is to take time to study the word of God. There are a miriad of reasons why the church in Scotland is at a kind of low ebb. But there are yet a still a faithful remnant who are concerned enough to groan for our church and nation. I sometimes wonder if I’m groaning enough. The Lord knows, may it please the Lord to revive our nation, because we most certainly need to be refreshed. Protestantism is kinda bankrupt now we need another reformation. (Not another denomination)…

  2. David, we were struggling with your sound with this episode. You need that mike on your collar even in your wee study! Appreciating all you do and the thought provoking and encouraging messages you manage to give us each day.

  3. A thoughtful talk (as always) but what about bullying and abuse cases within the institutional Church. It looks as if Protestant groups have a massive problem with concealed adult abuse and exploitation. A Twelve Steps approach is maybe needed, where leaders and congregants must admit the need to confess the problem or sin, so it can be addressed over time.

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