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Coffee and Revelation 6 – ch 1.:9 – The Kingdom and the Word

Revelation 1:9 – What does it mean to share with Christ and his kingdom? Suffering, perseverance and proclaiming his Word….A word for today.

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Coffee and Revelation 5 – Ch.1 v.8 – Alpha and Omega



  1. Rev Robertson , There was almost complete disillusion in your voice as you talked of preachers giving way to the culture of the day. For your encouragement , in Scotland and in our town , yesterday I sat with a moderately sized congregation and a few visitors to hear the word preached.

    The Preacher first read from John Ch 4 ( The woman of Samaria ) He then asked a blessing upon the Word, preaching what only be described as a Spirit convincing , and Spirit nourishing clear gospel message:
    “Whoever drinks of this water ( the well) will thirst again , but whoever drinks of the water I shall give him , shall never thirst . The water that I shall give him shall be a well of water springing up into eternal life.”

    Don’t doubt it , there are men of such conviction who are prepared to go through fire , but our prayer and pleading must be for those who can sit under such truth and conviction , yet remain unmoved ! It is my firm belief that God will honour His Word , and the Preacher will see the fruit of his labour because God has promised it !

  2. Bold prophetic teaching with the willingness to suffer and endure, being willing to speak truth to power and being willing to risk the culture taking offence.

    You say you are getting fed up with not seeing it David. We can only change what we are able to change, therefore I take on board you frustration with organised religion that you talk of without naming names. And in the light of that, I decide to no longer associate my name with being “Christian” due to its association with the kind of thing you express frustration about with organised religion and to distance myself form such.

    Rather, preferring to self – identify as a follower of The Way (which early Christians were called). Jesus, the way the truth, the life.

    I find there’s enough persecution to experience with that to patiently endure in acting that out without being concerned about anything to do with organised religion, and some of such persecution coming from so-called “Christians”.

    Yet I can learn and be content in all of this through the power of Christ that strengthens me. Therefore I am satisfied both in and out of season.

  3. Perhaps the great hope for the church is that the Christ who walks in the midst of the candlesticks has everything in hand.

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