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Coffee and Revelation 1 – Introduction – Is this the End?

An apocalyptic sky from our apartment in Sydney tonight

We begin a new series ‘Coffee and Revelation’. We live in apocalyptic times so where better to turn than the Apocalypse – the book of Revelation. With a clip from Apocalypse now (used with permission).  Subscribe on YouTube or Vimeo.   (Please note that I won’t be posting these on this blog every day – they will be on the wee flea facebook, You Tube and Vimeo channels.  I’m trying to post them live at 5pm Australian time,  8am UK –  I will probably put a weeks worth every week here).

The Legacy of Melvin Tinker – CT

Coffee with Job 69 – Pure Gold and Melvin Tinker



  1. St Jerome was correct about the Book of Revelation: it “contains as many mysteries as words”. The more one delves into it, and digs into it, the more there is to uncover.

    I think this is a characteristic of the Biblical books: the more they are known, the more they are able to be known, and the more there is to discover.

    A Lutheran author wrote of “My Friend the Bible” – & the Bible has exactly the personal, never fully known, character encountered between friends.

    A whole sermon might be preached on this.

  2. I have always regarded the Revelation to be first and foremost, a book of hope. The hope that we have through faith in Jesus Christ.

    Unfortunately the Book of Revelation has been much abused and is often the playground of religious cranks, frauds or just your run of the mill end-times enthusiast.

    Jesus is in control – always has been, always will be and that for me, is the primary message of the book.

  3. When Christians survey the deviation – promotion of Gay Pride , what is their response ?

    Perhaps they should unearth St Augustine’s pithy quote , i.e., ” It was Pride that changed Angels into Devils.”

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