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Coffee with Job 69 – Pure Gold and Melvin Tinker

Job 22:21-30 – One of the greatest calls to repentance and faith ever – comes from Eliphaz – although it is misplaced. We consider what is real gold and reflect a little on the life of Melvin Tinker who died this week. Melvin was a regular listener to these meditations on Job and Romans. I include a clip of him – and also a fabulous quote from his book “The First and the Last” – after the clip.

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  1. I would rethink that statement that “Jesus repented of sin”, it sounds like heresy to this amateur theologian. I can’t think of any context where that would make sense.

  2. Thank you so much for this David. So sad that Melvin Tinker has gone from us – we need more brave and courageous shepherds like him speaking the truth and standing by the truth in God’s word. I hadn’t heard of him until recently, but after listening to an interview he gave to Christian Concern some time ago, I was so impressed and moved by the stand he had made for Jesus Christ and the Gospel in spite of fierce criticism. He was a true and faithful servant of God indeed. God bless him.

  3. Dear Mr Robertson
    “Jesus repented of sin”. Such a statement or suggestion is is not found in the word of God. The Apostle Peter wrote, “…He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree….”.
    We can be saved by repenting and believing in Jesus. The option of dealing with our sin by repenting on our behalf was not granted to Jesus. Repenting and faith in Jesus is God’s gracious provision for the sinner to be freed from the fear, the guilt, the penalty and the power of death. The scriptures do not give any support to the notion that Jesus repented of sin. He was sinless, in Him sin was not.
    Our sin was paid by His sacrifice, not His repentance.
    He was the sin bearer and no acceptance or relief by repentance on the part of our Lord and Saviour is found anywhere in scripture. He paid in full the debt that we could never pay, and God forsook Him in the three hours of darkness on the cross. God did not forgive Jesus for repenting on our behalf. He forgives us for personally repenting and believing that Jesus bore our sins in His body on the cross.
    I am very sorry to have to disagree so strongly with the statement, but I believe it to be dangerously in error.
    Your brother in the Lord Jesus Christ.
    John Miller

    1. Jesus clearly did not repent of his own sins – as he didn’t have any! But would you argue that Jesus was not punished for sin because he didn’t have any? He was punished for our sins and he repented for our sins. He underwent the baptism of John – a baptism of repentance – for us – not for himself.

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