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Coffee with Job 69 – Pure Gold and Melvin Tinker

Job 22:21-30 – One of the greatest calls to repentance and faith ever – comes from Eliphaz – although it is misplaced. We consider what is real gold and reflect a little on the life of Melvin Tinker who died this week. Melvin was a regular listener to these meditations on Job and Romans. I include a clip of him – and also a fabulous quote from his book “The First and the Last” – after the clip.

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  1. I would rethink that statement that “Jesus repented of sin”, it sounds like heresy to this amateur theologian. I can’t think of any context where that would make sense.

  2. Thank you so much for this David. So sad that Melvin Tinker has gone from us – we need more brave and courageous shepherds like him speaking the truth and standing by the truth in God’s word. I hadn’t heard of him until recently, but after listening to an interview he gave to Christian Concern some time ago, I was so impressed and moved by the stand he had made for Jesus Christ and the Gospel in spite of fierce criticism. He was a true and faithful servant of God indeed. God bless him.

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