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Unbelievable Classic Replay: Antagonistic atheism: David Robertson vs Mike Lee

I was speaking at a conference on Saturday when one of the participants came up to me and asked how many ministers there were from Dundee called David Robertson!  He was amazed because out on his walk that morning he had been listening to the Unbelievable podcast and he heard me.  I was a bit surprised as I havn’t been on Unbelievable for a number of years – however it was what they called a ‘classic replay’.  So classic I had forgotten about it!  Anyway here it is – listening to it again I am reminded of how empty atheism is….It was also a special programme for me – the first one I did after being in hospital….which Justin also discusses.  I must admit I miss my debates with the fundamentalist atheists – they tend to avoid them nowadays – mainly because they kept losing – and more importantly they keep providing opportunities for the Gospel!   Anyway judge for yourselves….

“From May 2012, Mike Lee aka “The Religious Antagonist” was a US atheist who made YouTube videos mocking Christianity.  His videos were popular but his approach earned him both praise and criticism from fellow atheists. David Robertson often interacts with atheists online and has earned himself the title “the wee flea” for his provocative interactions on the Dawkins website.They debated whether Mike’s approach is a helpful one.  David accused Mike of emotional atheism and an incoherent view of Christianity. Mike said mocking Christianity was the best way of policing its power in the US.


  1. Hi David,

    I managed to be one of four who spoke against gay marriage at the recent assembly.

    It didn’t change the minds of the majority of the commissioners; sadly, there were those there who did not put their heads above the parapet.

    Continued blessings


    1. Well done Mike…but it gets worse. The Church of Scotland is now supporting the Scottish governments GRA – thus supporting child abuse and attacks on women…

  2. Not sure the best way to get in touch but recently came across Ten lies of contemporary culture by Dr Peter Kreeft thecommencement address at a Catholic college. Editing out the small pieces in deference to the immediate religious context his thoughts are really succinct and excellent in the main. This YouTube clip which is only short should be easy to find. Very excellent assessment and pithy and humorous. Thought you might be interested

  3. In Mike Lee’s world he equates wealth with intelligence . I am sorry , but I don’t believe that even Mike believes that !

  4. If one makes assay of the average IQ of resource – poor, rich nations like Japan or South Korea ( see Prof. Richard Lynn’s book , “IQ and the Wealth of Nations”) , the macro effect of a country’s having an average IQ of 100 or over becomes obvious.

  5. Dustin Johnston, golf’s No 1 , has reportedly signed to play golf for an Arab conglomerate for appearance money of $124,000, 000 , for which the fee for winning is a paltry $4,000,000. Just like in the world of football , there must be thousands of Albert Einstein’s floating around a golf course .

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