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Michael Shermer v. David Robertson – Unbelievable

This is a debate from 12 years ago which I did with Michael Shermer on Unbelievable.

They advertised it as follows:

Are societies better off with the influence of Christianity? Are Christians more caring than atheists? What role should faith play in society?Just some of the questions explored by atheist Michael Shermer and Christian David Robertson.Michael Shermer is president of the US Skeptics Society and Editor of its magazine “Skeptic”. He claims that there are various ways in which Christianity has had a negative influence on society and that a Christian worldview is unnecessary for living a good life.David Robertson is pastor of St Peter’s Free Church in Dundee, Scotland and author of “The Dawkins Letters”. He says that true Christianity has been a force for good and continues to empower people to live better lives.

I found the debate helpful and fruitful….some of the comments afterwards were hilarious…  Anyway here it is…I would dare to suggest that it is as relevant today as it was in 2010!  Judge for yourselves…

Unbelievable – Does Music Point to God?



  1. David it’s so interesting to see how Michael’s arguments have panned out 12 years later. I think you had an easy time with him – I think he came much misinformed with convictions not well thought through. I enjoyed listening and learning from your answers.

  2. Who’s the guy in the photograph and what does he have to do with this debate?

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