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Unbelievable – Does Music Point to God?

I listen regularly to the Unbelievable podcast – and indeed have often appeared on it – although not in recent years – and I suspect because it is owned by Premier I won’t be on it any time soon!  Still love the show though.  I got a surprise a few weeks ago when I found I was on it!  But it was this episode from ten years ago (before I started blogging!) being rebroadcast as a ‘classic’.    I thoroughly enjoyed discussing this – it showed to me the emptiness of atheism and the apologetic of beauty!   I hope you enjoy it as much as I did….you can listen to it here or by clicking on the embedded link below…let me know your thoughts…

“First broadcast in March 2011. David Robertson contends that the joy and meaning we experience in music is a pointer beyond itself to an ultimate source of joy and meaning in God. He engaged with atheist musician Gordon Livesey who contends that while we all experience emotions and meaning in music, it ultimately can be explained in scientific terms alone.”


Unbelievable – The Matt Dillahunty Showdown – or Why am I such a smug, dishonest, stupid, ignorant prat?!

Persuasive Music


  1. If ever ‘Unbelievable’ needed a regular and ‘straight down the middle’ contributor right now then, it’s you David!!

  2. Yes, its a great podcast and I bet Premier has Justin his hands tied . I will give this one a revisit! Really love the Wee Flea! Thank you Pastor from Listener in California

  3. Isn’t ‘Unbelievable’ such a great name for a show with this sort of content!

    Clearly, music affects emotions and lifts our spirits but to make a claim that this leads to a god needs more than just talk. It need some evidence – not least that there is even a god in the first place. I doubt anyone has this evidence so the claims are like the shows name ‘unbelievable!’

    1. This is a circular argument that you are using. You believe there is no God – and therefore you automatically discount any evidence. If this is not true – please tell me what evidence you would accept?

  4. Music is a wonderful by – product of European Christian Belief.

    However , just as the optimum distance for harpsichord ( Handel et al ) enjoyment is fifteen paces , so nowadays , the ideal distance for auditing Christian sermons is about fifteen miles.

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