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The Future of Humanity – Homo Deus

This is a talk I gave to Sydney lawyers on Harari’s ‘Homo Deus’ – the future of humanity.  It astounds me that so many people are taken in by Harari….but it gave me an opportunity to proclaim the truth…

Harari’s Hope and Hypocrisy – Christian Today

The End of Law in Australia? – AP



  1. Have you read 2084 by John Lennox? It is a wonderful response to Harari. In this talk you said that homo deus is a horrible idea. Well yes it is when we think of humans becoming God. But what if God became human…

  2. Isn’t it ironic how those who refute God, and our origin as created beings, end up appealing to views that their arguments deny!
    If we exist and die as a result of chemicals and physics, why and where does the idea come from that we should even seek anything beyond what occurs naturally?
    Why fight illness and disease, and seek a life beyond what our bodies allow, unless we are as the biblical worldview outlines, living souls that have a body.

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