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Quantum 197 – The Times they are a Changing – in America

This weeks Quantum   looks at Ukraine;  the Supreme Court and Abortion – Elizabeth Warren and Whoopi Goldberg; J D Vance; Elections in Scotland and Australia; Nicola Sturgeon on women; Barbie Kardashian;   Neil Oliver; Covid excess deaths;  Covid and the Super Rich; Elon Musk and Twitter; Transracialism; Van Morrison; Biden’s Disinformation Board; Liverpool and Franklin Graham; Jordan Peterson on Life; Ruth Campbell – Jesus minds and understands.

Transgender Special – Part 3 – What Can Be Done?

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Some video clips used below:





  1. Jesus Minds an Understaunds. What a truly beautiful song, reflecting the image of Jesus. Thanks for introducing me to it, Dave. It reminds me of Charles Spurgen’s statement, “I shall never understand, even in heaven, why the Lord Jesus should ever have loved me.”

  2. It’s 1.30 in the morning can’t sleep which is not unusal. Thank you for 197, and what a beautiful song Jesus minds an understaunds. For all the awfulness in the world , the appalling spiritual darkness in Scotland, we are blessed to be part of God’s family, and I am blessed to live in a beautiful part of this land. How do we break through the barriers and lack of interest in our creator, we have hope or as a dead friend said before she died I have prospects, people are heading towards the edge of the cliff and darkness, tragic. Thank you

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