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Songs for Sunday 13 – You’re the Word of God the Father

This week we hear Townend’s ‘You’re the Word of God the Father’ – a modern, theologically and biblically rich Christ centred worship song. Superb…


Songs for Sunday 12 – Psalm 23

This is where we are staying and where I recorded this..


  1. Thanks! Encouraging as always. A former work contact said he would consider the possibility of a God to the North of the Erskine Bridge into the Highlands, but going the other direction made him less certain………..

    Page 19 of today’s Sunday Times has a fascinating report, if your C-19 status does not prevent access to get the paper.

  2. Love this worship song sang it at Keswick, Stuart Townend leading. I wonder will you make it up as far as the Golspie area ? I’m praying you will be well soon. Thank you for Songs for Sunday.

  3. David, welcome home, may your health be restored quickly.
    These hymns are lovely, enjoying them each week.
    Have been reading The Presbyterian Herald (PCI) here in NI, and lo and behold!, you have a double!
    Our Moderator no less though his time is just about up for this year.
    Another David (Bruce) too, can’t post a phot on here but if you care to look hime up you’ll see what I mean!

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