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The ASK Podcast 16 – The Great Wall of Heaven – with Greg Sheridan.

In this ASK podcast Greg Sheridan and I discuss the impact of Christianity upon China.  As foreign editor of the Australian, who was at one time based in China, his insights are knowledgeable and helpful.   We discuss Chinese culture, religion, politics etc – and the extraordinary growth of the Church in that amazing country – and its relationship with the Communist Party.

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The ASK Podcast 15 – with Greg Sheridan – Christians Who Keep on Giving




  1. Superb talk! Thanks. Maybe the bridge between Chinese traditional values and the wisdom literature /Ten Commandments could feature again? What about a Chinese person’s angle on this?

  2. A Chinese man walked into my church building in Glasgow 4 years ago. How can I help you, said I. I am here for a year to study. But I want to find out about God. Where can Iearn about God? I gave him a Bible and told him to come back the next day, Sunday, at 10.30. I asked him why he, a party member, wanted to know who God was. He said when he was eight he looked up to the night sky and all the stars. I thought Who made all this! And now, this is my chance. He went home, 6 months later as a baptised believer!

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