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The ASK Podcast 14 – Christ and Culture with Greg Sheridan – Let it Be

I loved this conversation with Greg. This week we discuss music, the Beatles, John Denver, Van Morrison; James Kelman; Martin Luther King; Leonard Cohen; Art Galleries; The Tate Modern; the Letters of Tolkien; Marilyn Robinson; Gilead, Lila and Home; Frank Shead; the desacralisation of popular culture; Heaven and Hell;  CS Lewis; Inspector Morse; Religion and Politics; The Handmaids Tale; African Gospel Music; Riverdale;

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Ask Podcast 13 – Greg Sheridan on Culture – Lord of the Rings, Literature and more…






  1. The best 40minutes and 28 seconds of my week. Did either of you manage to draw a breath ? Terrific informative committed dialogue between two knowledgeable Christians . Thank you both very much , and I look forward to your next ceilidh .

  2. Here’s a woman preacher whose sermon includes the modern message about how abortion made her feel loved by God.

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