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Coffee with Job 122 – Learning from the Animals – Freedom

Ch.39 – -8 – God now uses the wild donkey to teach Job (and us) important lessons about freedom…with a beautiful version of Ps old 124th! ‘

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Coffee with Job 121 – Learning from the Animals – Time



  1. Your Dutch is petty good on that verse! When I was graduating PhD at the Free University in Amsterdam the ceremony was started with this verse also. That was December 2011! Always good to hear a lovely Psalm!

  2. Dear David, As an “orthodox” believing catholic I do believe that the pope is infallible when he teaches us excathedra on matters of morals and beliefs. A belief based on the eternal truthfulness of scripture and tradition. Thank you for your daily nourishing of heart and soul.

    1. Except of course Scripture says nothing about the infallibility of the Pope which was only declared a doctrine in 1869-70 at the first Vatican council. The Church Fathers (tradition) do not support it either.

  3. “Dear, dear David, why do you persecute me so? Are you not aware I appointed Peter to lead my church with power to loose and bind in heaven? I’m sure you are aware of my very own personal commission that I gave to Peter – they are recorded in scripture itself. As for the early fathers they were well aware of Peter’s and his successors appointed position & role – they understood it and accepted it. There was no need for them to comment on it just like they didn’t comment on practicing homosexuals being commissioned as ministers. Something that has been very decisive in some sects. Not to worry my Church will prevail, that you have my word on. Take to heart Matthew 6:34.”
    May God continue to bless your good works and you are too good a person to take cheap throw away shots at the Catholic Church that had been in existence since the time of Christ himself.

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