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Coffee with Job 115 – Stop and Consider God’s Wonders

Ch37:14-24 – In this final section of his speech Elihu points to the wonders of God – asks about how we present our own case – praises Gods’ righteousness and justice and comments on our need to be ‘wise in heart’.

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Coffee with Job 114 – The Winter Storm


  1. David, Greetings and thank you for those thoughts and words. I was reminded of this grand old hymn by Frederick W. Faber (1814-1863). Following are three of his seven verses:

    1. My God, how wonderful thou art,
    thy majesty how bright!
    How beautiful thy mercy seat,
    in depths of burning light!

    3. O how I fear thee, living God,
    with deepest, tend’rest fears,
    and worship thee with trembling hope
    and penitential tears!

    5. No earthly father loves like thee,
    no mother half so mild
    bears and forbears, as thou hast done
    with me, thy sinful child.

    6. How wonderful, how beautiful,
    the sight of thee will be,
    thine endless wisdom, boundless pow’r,
    and awesome purity!.


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