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Coffee with Job 108 – Why Does God not Answer my Cry?

Job 35:9-16 – Why does God not answer when people cry out under oppression? Elihu answers. We don’t pray in faith to the ‘God who gives us songs in the night”… We are in danger of empty talk – praying to a God who does not exist, rather than the One who does…


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  1. Brother, these sayings from Job of Elihu and the other two friends of Job are more enlightening than I first thought. I think Elihu is trying to help his friend. he has after all invested some time in this engagement! He probably mistakenly quoting Job’s inner feelings or reasoning. Job was not just crying out in noisy response but in faith in the God who has spoken to him.
    Thank you for discerning the difference between the cries of the desperate and the cry of faith. Sometime we can have more like a mixture of these two expressions, but that not be accepted as a faithful response if we are double minded because then we end up being unstable even if we are NOT totally unfaithful to God. Do I make sense?
    I just read the security we have in Christ who holds us (Ephesians 1 for example) and Job did not have that revelation, yet the LORD was holding him firmly like a vice.
    This Bible truth that always comes around and astounds me and makes my spirit soar is what I want everyone to know.
    Thank you again, dear David.

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