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Coffee with Job 107 – Who Does My Sin Affect?

Job 35:1-8 – Who does my sin affect? God? Me? Other people? All of them? Only me? Elihu raises this vital question….look at the skies…

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  1. Thank you David.
    A picture to correct our individualist notion of sin, is the surface of a mill pond. Throw in a single pebble, and the effect ripples out to the limits of the pond. When it rains, the ripples from each drop radiate until the meet the ripples of another drop. Before long the whole surface is foaming.
    We do not live alone in the world, we affect others (and are affected by others). Our sins affect others, and the sins of others affect us.

  2. Welcome back. Sin is such a hard subject avoided by so many, thank you for your unpacking of the passage.

  3. Paulo Maluf was the mayor of Sao Paulo City, Brazil, twice. As a city of some 25 million people, this is a powerful position. Unlike most Mayor’s who proceeded him Maluf only stole half the City’s budget each year. Those from Sao Paulo said “we appreciate he gets things done so turn a blind eye to his stealing’. Once he stole USD$500m in one go. This was pre-2000 so it was a significant amount of money. But people again said “Malufi Faz!” (Maluf get’s things done!) so turned a blind eye and saw little sin. But that USD$500m was just one of the thefts. How many Brazilians died because there was no hospital bed? How many kids turned to crime because there was no school. If I was to throw a dart at crimes created by this theft there were probably thousands of rapes, miscarriages, murders, thefts all because this money did not go into hospitals, schools, job creation. All from that one theft where generally the populace thought that there really was not a crime. Every crime has ripple effects. Every crime affects us in some way.

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