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Quantum 182 – The Covid 19 Special – The Origins, Reactions and Lessons

This weeks Quantum – tries to take a broader look at Covid – where it began, how it was reported on, the science, how various nations tried to deal with it and the response of the Church – with the BBC, the CCP,  Omicron, Adam Schwab, Sherri Markson, Anders Tegnall, Jordan Peterson, Sunetra Gupta, Tom Holland, Nicola Sturgeon,  Brazil, UK, USA, Australia, Germany,  – with help from the Beatles, Jackson Browne and Sons of Korah….

And this brilliant essay!



Catch up with last week here – Quantum 181 – Who Guards the Guardians? Bread of Heaven – with Welsh and Dutch!

Book of the Year – What Really Happened in Wuhan? – A Review

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  1. If Jordan Peterson believes that the free market is going to create an alternative to the current university system , he is stupid and perhaps his admitted former addiction to pills has not yet ended.

    Every American attempt to “privatize” tertiary education and run it on lines upon which a future IPO may be based has been a financial flop.

  2. I would treat any documentary from Sky News Australia with a pinch of salt. Unlike its UK counterpart, this channel is notorious for pushing groundless conspiracy theories.

    1. I tend to treat all documentaries with a pinch of salt. I’m not sure its particularly helpful or rational just to dismiss something because its on Sky. Why not watch it – read the book and think for yourself – don’t take the lazy way out of condemning it because of your prejudice against Sky. I find that there are often things on platforms (such as the Guardian) which are interesting and informative.

    2. It’s UK counterpart is not a counterpart.

      Some years ago Murdoch sold Sky News UK to an American , Jewish controlled , company called Comcast. Comcast is based in Philiadelphia.

      The family who control the Sky News UK ‘s Leftist airwave poisoners are called Roberts , their cryptic racially deceptive nomenclature , having being selected for a a very specific purpose.

      Yesterday , the BBC was banned in China.

      What did the Chinese miss ?

      Well , the constant BBC harping on about homosexuals , trannies , Third World immigration scofflaws and Muslim rights,

      Those who remember the Walrus and the Carpenter may recall , in fellow feeling with China’s people :

      ” I weep for you , I truly do,
      I deeply sympathize “

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