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Quantum 181 – Who Guards the Guardians? Bread of Heaven – with Welsh and Dutch!

In this week’s Quantum we look at Boris’s apology; the VIP lane; the infantilisation of society – how to climb a ladder in Victoria;  Johnny Cash; Inflation; Myanmar; Twitter in Nigeria; Flo RIda; the Gay Cake Case; Disability and Abortion; Eminem and Ed Sheeran; Indiana Jones; Rewriting Enid Blyton;  Welsh Government, Speech and Singing; Don’t Look Up; Sydney Poitier;  Scottish Baptist Heresy; The Archbishop of Canterbury’s New Year Address; The Decline of Church in the Netherlands; Michael McIntyre; Bread of Heaven….

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  1. “that whoever could make two ears of corn, or two blades of grass, to grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before, would deserve better of mankind, and do more essential service to his country, than the whole race of politicians put together.” Thanks for pointing out the Justin Welby video. It’s interesting at many levels! He even manages to name Jesus, at least once, in the final 30 seconds. On reflection, though, it’s an interesting talk, which draws to mind famous words from Jonathan Swift. Are fresh water, vaccination and enough food, pro-life interventions?

  2. You are spot on when it comes to the latest Partygate episode in the UK. I feel the Prime Minister has no option other than to step down. However, I am left wondering how much more serious it would have been had he, for example, sent Covid 19 infected patients back into care homes.

    1. David, I am the pastor of the church you quote under the heading ‘Baptist Heresy’ and would just like to point out three comments you make that are wrong and potentially damaging to the individual concerned, regarding the commendation we are considering for this young man in our congregation. Firstly, I think it’s wholly wrong to name this young man in a public podcast and expose him to homophobic trolls worldwide – please would you remove his name; secondly, we are not commending him for ordination or teaching the Bible but for pastoral and chaplaincy work, which is made clear in a separate document that obviously wasn’t passed to you by the ‘friend of Quantum’; and thirdly, you say that ‘this Baptist Church is writing to its members asking them to support this’, which is quite clearly not what we are doing in the document you have seen. We asked people to read, reflect and pray about this matter in advance of the meeting where we will have a secret ballot, requiring a 2/3rds majority. It is an entirely open vote, which is the Baptist way, and whereby we hope to determine the mind of Christ on the matter. Jesus himself never spoke on the subject, although Moses and Paul did. The comments and decisions we make in this area impact people’s lives. The church historically doesn’t have a good track record and has left in its wake many hurt and damaged people. We are simply trying to avoid repeating that mistake, and, at the same time, be true to the heart of Jesus’ Gospel.

      1. John – thanks but I’m not sure what you are complaining about. You are putting forward someone for public office (chaplain) as a Christian minister and member of your Church. Given that this is public please don’t attempt to bully me by telling me that my mentioning this is exposing him to homophobic trolls. I totally despise homophobic trolls (and since I did not give any means to contact him I was certainly not encouraging that and totally condemn it) – but your attempt to stifle discussion and keep this quiet is an appalling way for any Christian minister to behave. By your standard we should never critique anything – ie. I shouldn’t critique the Pope in case I trigger anti-Catholic trolls. That is not the standard I live by. But commenting on someone being recommended for ministry who does not accept the teaching of Jesus Christ is something I have to do.

        Your second point is playing with words. You are putting him forward as a candidate because you think he is suitable. You do not put forward everyone who applies. The Scottish Baptist Union already turned you down – did they not? Please don’t play word games. Again that is not a good route for a Christian leader to go.

        It is also incredible that you say that Jesus said nothing about marriage or sexual immorality. It is clear that he did and that he upheld the standards of his own word! Your rather strange reasoning would mean that since Jesus said nothing specifically about paedophilia that means he was not against it!

        The idea that you determine the mind of Christ by having a secret ballot is a bizarre one. We determine the mind of Christ through his Word.

        You are repeating the mistakes of the past – and you are not being true to the heart of Jesus’s Gospel. In fact you are opposing it. I hope and pray that you will repent of that and return to the Gospel Jesus taught – rather than perverting it to fit with the standards of this age. You are right though – the comments and decisions we make in this area impact people’s lives. The Lord will hold you responsible for the damage and harm you are doing.

      2. David, I met you a few years ago at a Baptist minister’s conference and found you to be an engaging and challenging speaker, and enjoyed a conversation with you. I trust that you are seeing fruit in your more recent evangelistic ministry in Sydney. You are welcome to say what you wish about me or the church I lead. However, I appeal again to your good nature to remove the name of my young Christian friend from your recent podcast. God bless, John.

      3. John thanks – before I do so perhaps you could answer the following questions? Is this young man being put forward for a public pastoral role? Is he is a same sex relationship? Does your church endorse this? Did the Scottish Baptist union refuse to support his candidature? The Church is not a secret society and if things are done in public they can surely be commented on in public?

      4. David, I respect your ability to operate in the rough and tumble of public forums – the Sparticus of the Christian world! I’m afraid it makes me feel like I’m in the colosseum facing the lions. I much prefer a chat over a coffee. Next time you’re back in Scotland and travel west in my direction, get in touch and we can have that conversation. God bless you.

      5. And I respect your ability to avoid the question! More than happy to meet with you – but you did come on here and accuse me of causing harm to a young man – and yet you refused to answer the most basic of questions. Are you putting this young man forward for ordination or ministry? Is he in a same sex relationship? Were you refused by the Baptist Union of Scotland? Surely these are not difficult questions to answer. If I was misinformed of course I will apologise.

      6. David, we are not putting anyone forward for ministry just now, we continue to have a very positive relationship with the Baptist Union of Scotland and I don’t consider it appropriate to comment on people’s personal circumstances in a public space. I’ll leave you to make the final comment on this.

      7. Johdn – this is actually very important. Are you saying that you did not write to your congregation asking them to approve a young man for being a chaplain? Are you saying that the Baptist Union of Scotland did not refuse you? This is not about a person’s ‘personal’ circumstances – It is about your church approving someone for ministry in public (it’s not private and chaplaincy is ministry) whose lifestyle contradicts what Scripture says. Now if that is wrong and I have been misinformed that of course I will apologise. It would be good to know. Now is your chance to put the record straight.

  3. I’m very disappointed that you should seek to trivialise ladder safety particularly since the main victims of ladder accidents are older men like you and me.

    I wonder if you’d have given this safety message air time if it hadn’t come from Victoria, but for the sake of balance this is what your government has to say on the subject: “Around the home, ladders are linked to more deaths and serious injuries than any other product. You don’t have to fall far off a ladder to be seriously injured: 1–2 metres can be enough. Broken limbs, spinal cord damage, severe brain injury or even death can result”, followed by 500 more words on the subject and four short videos.

    In short, it’s a real and serious issue and the challenge (as with evangelism) is how to get the message across effectively.

    1. There are lots of safety issues that are important – but we don’t need the government to tell us. Imagine a government telling us – now its important to feed your children..because if they don’t get food, they will starve? ! Or this is how you avoid walking in the middle of the road! The point is not that safety is unimportant – but that adults should be treated like adults – not children. Its the infantilisation of society I am objecting to – not being safe on ladders!

      1. Hi David – Thanks for The Wee Flea website and Quantum, I really enjoy it!

        Having worked in both healthcare (many years ago as a Physio…) and construction (as a Plumber…) I’ve seen first hand what goes wrong with people and ladders! I don’t think addressing ladder safety is infantilisation in the same way that telling people to feed their children would be – we instinctively know to feed ourselves and our kids. I’ve lived in both Australia and the UK and am aware of the high number of accidents and deaths from folk using ladders. Quite simply, people don’t instinctively know how to use them properly.


  4. As you well know , Juvenal was a satirist .

    Hence his dissolute poet’s ” Mens sana in …….. ” quote.

  5. We all must pray for Boris. We have been assured in all sincerity by Conservative and Unionist Party MPs that No10 is a huge building, a rabbit warren of offices, with the result that it would be all too easy for a Prime Minister not to be aware of partying and other inappropriate activities being carried out. There are obviously countless numbers of people, working in No10, who have succeeded in pulling the wool fully and completely over Prime Ministerial eyes, with the result that he has been rendered fully and completely unable to see the sinful conduct that is obvious to us all. Prayer can turn him round.

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  7. Hi David,
    Thank you for all of the solid teaching and work you are putting into this site. I only found it a few weeks ago and have been enjoying much of your solidly grounded writing.

    This morning our local radio staton (in rural PA) broadcast a talk given by Corrie Ten Boom about her life; the concentration camps and her witnessing and her personal challenges of forgiveness.
    Well it just stopped me in my tracks…she talks of love, salvation and the Holy Spirit in her witnessing at a time when the world was a lot worse than today.

    I’m sure you’ll have heard it before but I wondered if you might like to link to it sometime, for others who might enjoy hearing this wonderful testimony. It stands in stark contrast to the worldliness of so much of the church and for me has been deeply affecting.

    I hope that anyone listening to it will be cheered and that their thoughts will turn to the Lord.

    Best wishes,


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