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Book of the Year – What Really Happened in Wuhan? – A Review

This is an article that I wrote which is probably not suitable for publication in any of my usual outlets – its’ too long and too controversial.  But this is my blog and I have the freedom to publish what I want!  But this is phenomenally important.  In years to come I am sure that history will record what really happened – rather than the confused and somewhat hysterical mess we are fed every day – both on the Internet and in the mainstream media.

What Really Happened in Wuhan?

So, 2021 ends as it begins – dominated by Covid.  Will Christmas be cancelled again?    In my home country of Scotland someone suggested, in the words of Narnia, that it is ‘always winter but never Christmas’.  Occasionally in this past year I have been asked questions along the line of ‘why did God create Covid 19’?    To which the answer is – he didn’t.   As my book of the year, Sharri Markson’s What Really Happened in Wuhan (Harper Collins), proves.    It is an astonishing piece of journalism by one of Australia’s top journalists and is a great example of tenacity and research in the search for truth. She also has a podcast with the same name –   

(Again this is an outstanding podcast to listen to – with interviews with many of the key players).

Markson’s argument is that the most likely origin of Covid 19 is that it is a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), that it emerged as early as October 2019 and that this was covered up by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) who then allowed it to spread throughout the world.  She argues that this was aided and abetted by Western media, politicians and scientists who, because of competing interests and incompetence, were reluctant to face truth.  The most shocking evidence she provides is that Covid 19 is not a natural virus, but one which has been augmented and designed to be of maximum transmissibility to humans.  All of this is backed up by a wealth of documentation, interviews, and other evidence.    It is a dramatic story.  These are the main characters.

The Chinese Communist Party – The Wuhan Institute of Virology is a facility controlled and run by the Chinese military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).  It was built by the French who were then kicked out. It was to be China’s first high containment laboratory under the direction of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is under the People’s Liberation Army control.   It began working on live viruses in 2018.

  “So, a laboratory working with the most lethal pathogens known to humankind had effectively cut off collaboration with the international community…. the laboratory was setting up its very own database identifying all deadly viruses with pandemic potential.”  (p.129).

Markson offers evidence that the virus broke out as early as October 2019.  She points out.

It is a sad fact that China never alerted the Who, or any government, to the coronavirus. It didn’t shut down international travel or advise foreign governments to be aware that recent arrivals from Wuhan might be infected with a highly contagious and deadly virus. It’s extraordinary that a virus was taking lives for up to 8 weeks before global health authorities caught wind of it.” (p.25)

The culpability of the CCP is seen in the fact that as the virus continued to spread, they banned travel within China but allowed more than 28 international flights per day to depart from Wuhan airport.

In addition to this, essential pages from the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s website were all wiped and deleted and the CCP ordered all viral samples be destroyed from genomics laboratories.    The Wuhan institute was banned from sharing sample isolates with its partner laboratory, the University of Texas Biocontainment Laboratory. (p.84).

“While China was downplaying the virus, the number of infected patients and the number of dead, it was quietly buying up medical equipment and protective personal equipment from around the world.  It simultaneously dropped its exports of medical supplies.”  (p.89).

What is more astonishing is that as early as 2011 China had submitted some papers to the United Nations Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.    They included “Creation of man-made pathogens” “Targeted Drug delivery technology Making it Easier to Spread Pathogens”!   They even had a paper talking about how to target viruses towards specific races as weapons.

In a chilling detail Markson notes that in September 2019, the Chinese government held a large-scale anti-coronavirus exercise in the airport and hospitals in Wuhan which was equivalent to a military exercise.

The Scientists

We are told to trust ‘The science’ – but a lot depends on who the scientists are – and how trustworthy.  For example, Dr George Fu Gao, the director of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, told the US CDC director that Covid 19 was a coronavirus but not contagious; that there was no human-to-human transmission and that there was no asymptomatic infection.  All of this was just a straight lie.

The World Health Organisation’s role in this was appalling.  On January 14th they tweeted that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission – just repeating the propaganda of the CCP.  Throughout this crisis they have acted as the spokespeople for the CCP.

The role of Dr Fauci, the US health advisor, has been crucial.   At the beginning of the pandemic, he said that China was acting in a transparent manner, that US cities would not need to be shut down and that people should not wear masks as they did more harm than good!  He also ridiculed the idea of a travel ban with China.

What he didn’t reveal was that America had funded, through his organisation, ‘gain of function’ research in Wuhan.  “Gain of function research allows scientists to create new lethal viruses that didn’t exist in nature before” (p.193). This had been banned by President Obama but was reinstituted under President Trump in 2017 – by Dr Fauci.   He did his utmost to silence and discredit those who questioned his analysis.

Other scientists were deeply concerned about this lab being set up for the specific purpose of enhancing dangerous viruses. For example, Dr Nikolai Petrovsky from Adelaide in South Australia was seeking to develop a covid vaccine when he made the astonishing discovery that “the virus spike protein looked like it couldn’t have been better designed to fit the human ACE2” (p.156)    But when these scientists submitted their paper to pre-print publication it was blocked.     “Obviously it was seen as political dynamite and the scientific community had already decided that only research suggesting a natural origin should be allowed to see the light of day.”  (p.161).  “Prof Richard Mueller of the University of California stated: “I learnt very quickly when speaking to well-known scientists that there was a sense that any validation that Covid-19 came from the Chinese laboratory would validate Donald Trump’s position on China, and that this could throw the election the election.  Any suggestion it was from a laboratory engaging in biological warfare was seen as supporting Trump in the election, and this was sufficient to call it a fringe theory or a conspiracy theory.” (p.177).   Well respected magazines like Nature and the Lancet were complicit in this misinformation and cover up.   Whether this was for political or financial reasons is unclear.  What is clear is that politics and self-interest have cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

The Whistle-blowers

Markson lists a number of incredibly brave Chinese doctors, scientists’ journalists and others who have sought in the face of fierce suppression to inform the world of what was going on.  For example, Dr Wang Lei, a community doctor in Wuhan, noticed that in early November 2019 more and more patients were walking in with fevers and respiratory illnesses.   He was banned from reporting any deaths as Coronavirus deaths.

Another is young Chinese lawyer Chen Qiushi, who broadcast on the Internet reports from Wuhan.   His video was viewed 1.5 million times.  He disappeared as did others.   Many more would go missing as they bravely tried to report it.

The Politicians –

On January 14th, 2020, a Chinese delegation arrived in the US to sign a trade deal with America.  Trump called Xi Xinping “a very, very good friend” and praised his transparency and how much he trusted him.   He was delighted that in January 2020 they were signing ‘the biggest deal ever’ with China.  On Feb 26th he reassured Americans “The risk to the American people remains very low, and we have the greatest experts in the world right here. “800,000 deaths later these words ring hollow.

However, President Trump to his credit did listen to his advisors (other than Dr Fauci) and implemented a travel ban with China at the end of January.  Australia also did so at the same time – a decision which probably saved thousands of lives.  Presidential hopeful Biden tweeted his opposition to the travel ban calling it typical of Trump’s xenophobia, hysteria and fear- mongering.  That hasn’t aged well!

The EU refused to ban travellers from China. The Europeans accepted many Chinese travellers – especially in Northern Italy because of a link between Wuhan and Milan.  From Europe people travelled to the US and so the Chinese ban ended up being useless.

The Media

On Dec 31st, 2019, Chinese media started removing any mention of the virus online – and key words linked to the pandemic were removed.     The media were reporting that the virus was under control and was mostly mild.    They denied that there was human to human transmission – something backed up by the WHO.

“Bats were not sold at Wuhan’s wet market.  When the virus broke out, videos went viral showing Chinese people eating bat soup.  It was all nonsense and was completely unrelated to the Huanan Seafood Market.”  (p.143).

The media and the politicians were far more concerned about Trumps impeachment than they were with Coronavirus.  Because of this most of the Western media, politicians and the big Tech corporations were dismissing any talk of the Wuhan lab as a conspiracy theory.  They were already stating that the lab theory was ‘debunked’.

‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ (if Donald Trump says it then it must be wrong) resulted in media, the intelligence services, and other politicians denying the obvious.  For example, on April 26th, 2020, the Americans had a report, given by the CIA entitled “The PRC’s Biosafety Negligence and Circumstantial Evidence Against the Wuhan Institute of Virology” given to secretary of State Mike Pompeo.    On April 30th Trump declared that he had seen this and the evidence it came from Wuhan Institute.  The American media ridiculed him.

Some journalists were prepared to debunk anything the Trump administration raised.  Others were “captured by compromised scientists with abundant pre-existing relationships with China, who insisted any question of a laboratory leak was ‘misinformation’ or who were not prepared to weather the storm of being publicly labelled a conspiracy theorist.  Journalists who investigated the Wuhan Institute of Virology, even simply reporting that intelligence agencies were making inquiries about the matter were ridiculed, humiliated and shamed by other media outlets.”  (p.135).

“Tech giants like Facebook actually censored any information that suggested Covid-19 may have leaked from a laboratory.  Facebook said the decision was made after consulting with “leading health organisations, including the World Health Organisation”.

It would remove any posts that said Covid-19 was manmade, had been bioengineered or that it was a bioweapon because these theories had been ‘debunked’” It was only when President Biden suggested it might have been a possibility that they changed this position. 


 It is no coincidence that “the world’s premiere coronavirus laboratory was in the same city as the outbreak of a novel coronavirus.”  (p.53) Or that “the closest known coronavirus to the one that causes Covid-19, with a 96.2% genetic similarity, existed inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology” (p.248).   From 80,000 animal samples from around Yunnan and Wuhan there is no evidence of Covid 19 in any natural host.  Covid 19 is man-made.  Rather than lionise officials like Dr Fauci, he should be prosecuted.  He helped fund the CCP to create a virus which is designed to mutate and infect human beings.  He may have done that with the best of intentions – but there are millions of deaths which testify to his culpability in getting the US to aid the CCP in producing this plague.

The refusal to acknowledge this stems from human pride, turning a blind eye, greed, hypocrisy and plain stupidity.  It is also a telling example of the dangers of politicising everything – including science.  It is this politicising which means that some who read this will automatically mock, sneer and disbelieve it.  Rather than read the book and think about the evidence for themselves, because it doesn’t suit their worldview, into which everything must be squeezed,

Covid 19, far from being an ‘act of God’ is an act of humanity – it “acts as if its tailor made for human carnage. Almost unstoppable in its capacity to ravage the human respiratory system.  The millions dead all over the world attest to that”. (p.390)

“The failures of the scientific community, intelligence agencies, international bodies and large sections of the media have all left the world at less secure and less safe place to live.” P.392).

Romans chapter one tells us that God’s greatest punishment is to leave humans to have it ‘their way’.  Covid 19 is exhibit ‘A’ of how we stuff things up.  This is surely a call to humility, repentance and compassion.  Will we listen this New Year?  How long, O Lord, how long?

David Robertson

This video has been watched 10 million times.  It’s worth your time.







  1. ‘It is this politicising which means that some who read this will automatically mock, sneer and disbelieve it. ‘

    Well, that cuts both ways. We all need to be open to changing opinions if new information arises, be slow to condemn and accept that we are probably not scientists or experts and that it will take a while for the thousands who are to reach a conclusion – if they do.

    Listening to the boy who tweeted wolf (and a wholeload of other tosh) was always going to be a challenge – finding the needle of truth in the haystack of balderdash and all that, as Scientific American points out here:

    However this is no time for gloating (is there ever one?) and the jury is still out. Even if a lab leak is currently most plausible it remains unproven, and what could be done even if it was – WW3? – the eviseration of the leaker? More than likely a new even colder war plus a load more political anger and culture warring as parties leverage manipulate their previous responses to claim power, and we can all imagine how well that will go.

    Google can be helpful, as can putting down the news, going for a long walk and counting our blessings.

  2. What I am wondering is whether the Chinese government intended for the pandemic to happen in order to shift global power in their favour, or did they simply take advantage of a genuine accident? What is unquestionable is that the response from Western leaders and media has been atrocious, cowardly and entirely self-serving.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. What is not so clear to me is the motives behind the CCP’s response. I don’t believe they deliberately leaked the virus but once the cat was out the bag, did they act as if they wanted it to spread?

  4. Also easy to do an online search on Dr Fauci owning patents in vaccines related to Covid. Talk about vested interests.

  5. Superb, thanks for your review, David. I’ve been keeping a dossier since those early reports, and from these it is clear as day that Markson’s book is spot on. The scale of the duplicity is enormous, and it is hardly surprising that such wide sections of press and public are fooled by it.

  6. Bless you, David, for the courage in this message, which exposes much of what many of us suspected for some time. Corruption reigns, as above all things the heart of man is perverse & wicked. So let us not trust man or princes, but let us who trust say, “We trust in the Lord”!
    Despite the devises of men, our God reigns, and He can & must be trusted above all the chaos & confusion & wickedness. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME! May we all proclaim, “HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD”! (Zechariah 14:20).

  7. Wonderful reporting and courageous. Thank you. Igor covid in November. It was brutal and it is still having a terrible affect on my life. I am so grateful that I know Jesus and His mercy will prevail for those who believe. This reminds us that we must focus on the eternal whilst being His helpers in the present. Thanks again David. The truth sets us free.

    1. Yes – I read that when it came out. It was a pathetic attempt at a put down. It’s becoming hard to take the Guardian seriously as a newspaper anymore. Everything is seen through the lens of its politics. RIght from the beginning they were part of the media cover up – more concerned with Trump than China. The fact they get a prof from the WHO who admits he hasn’t read the book to review it is typical. You will note that they don’t actually deal with any of the arguments within the book. But then perhaps you won’t….

      1. David you say that the Guardian got ‘a prof from the WHO who admits he hasn’t actually read the book to review it’. But the article clearly DOES NOT say that ‘the prof from WHO’ was reviewing the book. It DOES say he would not talk to Sharri Marksen at the stage she was writing the book because ‘the science interpretation in her articles is so bad it is risible’.
        Is it the case that Sharri did not contact Danielle Anderson?
        The questions here, David, revolve around research methodology, not politics. And are you saying that comment inThe Australian and Sky News is completely apolitical?

      2. Bruce – the only evidence is from the Prof who hadn’t read the book. It is a nit picking insubstantive review – I can see why you like it! No I am not saying that comment in the The Australian is completely apolitical – and I don’t watch Sky News. Can I suggest that you read the book – and not just Guardian reviews about it? Make your new years resolution that you will read things before you comment on them?

  8. David in your conclusion you say:
    ‘From 80,000 animal samples from around Yunnan and Wuhan there is no evidence of Covid 19 in any natural host. ‘
    I am intrigued as to what you think this statement is supposed to mean. Why Yunnan and Wuhan?

    1. It means that 80,000 animal samples were taken from Yunnan and Wuhan and none of them provided evidence of a natural host. Yunnan and Wuhan are the two areas where we were told the bat samples came from.

      1. OK.
        David what does this statement mean?
        ‘What is more astonishing is that as early as 2011 China had submitted some papers to the United Nations Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.’

      2. It’s not difficult it means that it is astonishing that China in 2011 was submitting papers to the UN pointing out that they were investigating how to use virus’s as biological weapons and make them more transmissible to human beings – including how they could be used on different races. If you read things in context its usually not to difficult to grasp what sentences mean!

      3. I agree completely David we use context to read and understand texts. One of the things we have to do as readers/hearers is disambiguate words (as well as identify any pointing words like pronouns, nouns with articles etc.). ‘Convention’ is ambiguous. It can be like a conference where people discuss papers presented. Or it can be an agreement. The United Nations Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention is the latter, so it isn’t something you submit papers to.
        One of the points in the Guardian review was that details are important, and the reviewer illustrated areas where Sharri had got the details wrong. Is this another one?
        Your review is not persuading me to read the book, mainly because of the pictures you are drawing with the words you have used. Your review reads more like a political speech than a persuasive discussion.

      4. Yes details are important and your details about the UN Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention are wrong. The UN Convention has a conference every five years to which nations make submissions. At the 2011 one China submitted papers referring to ‘man made pathogens’, ‘population specific genetic markers and ‘targeted drug delivery technology making it easier to spread pathogens’. The fact that you are more concerned about nit picking and proving you are right is disturbing. As is your refusal to read a book and think for yourself – instead just relying on the Guardian to provide the right view for you. You will forgive me saying this – but I have given you numerous chances over the past year and find it tiresome having to deal with your constant moaning and lack of accuracy. In future your posts will only be permitted if they contain information relevant to the blog you are commenting on – and if you avoid the nit picking….Happy New Year.

  9. It is most interesting that , when one ( masked , of course ) approaches a restaurant table , the virus is still attacking .

    When one sits down , however, masked removed , the heightist virus glides over one.

  10. What happened in Wuhan was what happens in the winter. The pollution was awful due to temperature inversion keeping the smog in situ. Thus we had the respiratory diseases.

    Advertising/propaganda was used to make it seem as though the ‘flu, or Covid 19 as it is now known, appeared to spread. What happened in reality was that people fell ill as usual with the annual ‘flu, the toxicosis of the body, primarily due to lack of vitamin D.

    It is that simple. I can explain further if required, but I have written about it on my website..

  11. David. A happy New Year to you as well.
    You are right — I jumped the gun on ‘Convention’ — there are Review Conferences There was one in 2011 (5-12 December) and China did submit a couple of documents to that Conference.
    CONF.VII/WP.24 which is a paper on China’s views on strengthening the effectiveness of the BWC (Biological Weapons Convention)
    CONF.VII/INF.3/Add.1 which included a contribution by China as part of the Background information document on new scientific and technological developments relevant to the Convention. This document does outline the areas that you mentioned but not as activities in China (which could be true or not), but as risks. They gave four proposals:
    Promote multilateral processes in biological fields (to make the Convention more effective)
    Implement biosafety regulation
    Institute biosafety training
    Increase international exchanges and cooperation.
    With respect, this does not seem to be ‘astonishing’, yes?

    1. Thanks – thats much better! If you read the book you will see why it was astonishing. That the CCP were developing a lab which could and would develop the pathogens they warned about here is astonishing. As recognised by over 200 world scientists who wrote a letter expressing their concern that this was happening.

  12. A good article, and documentary, it’s depressing to have ones thoughts confirmed that this could have been prevented back in January 2020 if the governments and media hadn’t been self-focused and anti Trump. And should have closed all international travel for 6-weeks.

    I’ve bought the book on Kindle and will read it.soon.

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