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Quantum 180 – Ten Predictions for 2022

For this first Quantum podcast of the New Year – we look ahead at what might happen in 2022.   We include – Russia, Ukraine, China, North Korea, Covid, Djokovic, Climate Change, the Gnostic Wars, the Who, Mexico, Cancel Culture, Israel, the US, the UK, Scotland, France, David Bowie, K-Pop, the Queen and finish with a great song from the Byrds.

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  1. I am sorry David – you have not done your homework on the Djokovic story. Yesterday News Ltd published copies of letters sent to Tennis Australia by the Australian Health Minister last November clarifying that any tennis player coming to Australia for the Australian Open must either have dual Covid vaccination or have a health exemption on the basis that vaccination would cause him harm. The Australian Govt naturally assumed that Tennis Australia would convey that to Novak. Assuming that, Scott Morrison accepted Victorian Govt decision to permit Novak to participate in the AO. Then Novak arrived in Australia and as he went through immigration we found out he had no evidence that he had met the conditions advised more than a month ago to TA.
    Again you seem to ignore the great strain unvaccinated people are putting on the health workers around the world. Just yesterday I hard that majority of young people hospitalised in the US are unvaccinated. In NSW where you live about 2 months ago 1600 of 1800 people in ICU (high dependency) were unvaccinated – surely that is the height of selfishness on their part! My wife has an operation booked in 3 weeks to deal with a infected toe, but this is now in doubt due to COVID pressure on all hospitals in my state.

    1. I;m afraid that I have done my homework. Triple checked. The Department of Home Affairs granted Djokovic a visa – at the request of Tennis Australia and the Victorian government – who had an independent panel assess his claim for an exemption and granted it to him. As for checking your facts – NSW did not have 1600 unvaccinated people in ICU about 2 months ago – not remotely near. Please do your homework before you pass on such false information. The reason that hospitals are cancelling operations is because of a shortage of staff , caused primarily by the ridiculous isolation rules. My wife works in the hospital system here and it is staff absenses that are the main problem.

      1. Please check the report in the Australian about the letters sent to Tennis Australia:

        Elsewhere we read the Visa Novak had was the same proforma I would get on-line if I visited the US. If you arrive in the US and you are found to make a wrong statement on your application – bad luck – go home. It happens regularly. The NSW ICU figures I quoted were from the NSW Minister for Health maybe 3 rather than 2 months ago in the ABC in the Covid report verbatim. Elsewhere in the UK as well as the US health authorities are pleading for people to get vaccinated to avoid impact on the health system and the exhausted workers. I have recently read a letter sent from a Christian School Board chairman to some staff who refused to get vaccinated – he reminded them we have Romans Chapter 13 vv1-6 tells us that we are to obey the authorities set over us. Right now I know of a number of such schools that are likely to be short staffed because of the spirit of rebellion that has crept into Christian circles. Finally I would like to point to the reasoned and scientific defence of vaccination given by Creation Ministries – a topic they are loath to address as it is not their platform:

      2. Yes I’ve read that – and a lot more. He was issued with a visa.

        The ICU figures you quoted were not from the NSW minister for health. There are currently 139 patients in ICU with covid. There have never been 1800. Romans 13 v.1-6 is often misquoted as you have done. We are no more obliged to get a vaccine than we are to have an abortion – if the State demands it. And I support vaccination – just booked in for my booster. Don’t lump everything – and everyone – together. Life is more nuanced.

  2. Well , I will offer just four predictions for ’22 :

    1. Homosexuals will keep lecturing us on Morals.
    2. Trannies ditto on Human Biology.
    3. Abortionists ditto on Baby Killing.
    4. Marxists ditto on Economics.

  3. David,
    First, Thanks so much for your podcasts, blogs and articles. I much enjoy your quest for truth and your challenges to trends and to dishonesty of many kinds. Your enthusiasm for the gospel of Christ is refreshing and important.
    But – and you knew this was coming – I want to pick you up on some comments you make about climate change in your podcast “Ten Predictions for 2022”. In saying that “…people will come to see just how they’ve been sold something that’s not true.” To back this up, you say “temperatures in the UK have barely moved for over a decade compared to the latest 30-year average. In fact, last year was 0.34 degrees colder than 2020 and the coldest year since 2015, the 2010s were colder than the 2000s. The year was cooler than 1733, 1779.” These may be true for the UK, but they don’t represent the whole earth. It is easy to find global average temperatures for each year starting in 1880 up to 2020, and although the year-to-year variation can be quite wide, averaging these temperatures over five years shows the upward trend since around 1960. This information I gleaned from NASA (NOAA) and from the Australian Climate Council web sites. The technical name for the temperatures recorded are the global land-ocean temperature index. My issue is that you do what you accuse the media of doing in focusing on isolated incidents in the UK only and then say the media will focus on specific climate events, which can provide unrepresentative information. So you are not being entirely truthful about climate change yourself when large volumes of data show global temperatures really are increasing. We can’t prove that the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is the cause for this increase, but the correlation between this and the observed increase in the average global temperature is clearly strong over many years. It cannot be a bad thing for countries of the world to try to reduce their releases of greenhouse gases.
    Forgive me if I have misread you; please let me know if I have.

    1. You are correct. Global temperatures have been rising – but it does vary. I should not have used the UK as an example because of course it could be an outlier. Perhaps Australia is too – where we have had one of our wettest and coolest summers for years – or Antarctica – which has had its coldest winter ever recorded! But it is way more complex than I seemed to suggest in that clip. That was sloppy – thanks..

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