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Coffee with Job 105 – The Just and Mighty God of the Poor

Ch34:16-30 – If you have understanding you will know that the God of Justice brings down the mighty who forget him and who oppress the poor. Elihu’s argument is a powerful and relevant one for today – if only our rulers would heed it! I hope to take a break for two weeks holiday (covid test permitting!) so see you for no. 106 on the 31st!

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Coffee with Job 104 – Unthinkable!



  1. It amazes me how Job is so relevant to the world today! Thank you, David, for making it clear for us! May you have a well-earned (but graceful) rest!

  2. David,

    I understand why you say, ‘lets pray for godly leaders’, and would say ‘amen’ to that.
    There is another side to that coin, and that is that the sovereign Lord had appointed all leaders in all places at all times (until he removes them). In some cases, he sends leaders as a part of his judgment upon rebellious people (not all of them godly). He sends leaders to fulfil his purpose (judgment or relief), not meet with our approval, or supply us with comfort. Sometimes he sends far from godly leaders to achieve this.

    The early church had the likes of Nero, and the command to honour the emperor is in that context.
    If God’s people will not honour the leaders we have (and pray for them in earnest sincerity – not, ‘O Lord, please judge them’, as some others seem to do), then I fear we are in a downward spiral that I cannot see the bottom of.

    When we (in western countries) look at our leaders, I think we look at ourselves. They ‘represent’ us, they are ‘elected’ from our society. If this does not drive us to urgent prayer for our fractured and fragmenting society, I don’t know what will.

    Enjoy your well earned break! I’m thankful for your regular reminders from God’s word, and I want you and Annabelle to be refreshed to keep going.

    Sincerely in Christ

  3. Hi! Having read the Bible on and off for 70+ years I have never been able to relate to the book of Job. So when I heard/saw that you were doing ‘Coffee with Job’ I thought I would give it a stir before I die!!! I only started a couple of months ago so I have a lot of catching up to do when we are through but it has been such a blessing. Thank you so much.

  4. Thank you so much for doing this study on Job and showing how relevant it is to the western world. Just amazing! I pray you and Annabelle will pass all tests needed to go on vacation. Have a wonderful, refreshing rest.


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